Awkward Introductions

So, I have rebooted my blog, in attempts of making it a more successful blog so stay tuned.

Do you ever get introduced, or introduce yourself to someone and there's that intensely awkward moment after you've both said your names and you're both unsure of how to proceed?
Well that's not going to happen here ((heavily breathes a sigh of relief)) and do you want to know why? Because you cant see me and I cant see you.

Its hard to know what people actually want to know seeing as how you cant predict if anyone is going to read this or not, let alone comment back.
My name is Elyssa, and this is my second blog, the first one I deleted after I was going through a rough time although it was going quite well. ((Re-read that "quite well" in like a posh persons voice for some effect haha)) BUT I'M BACK BABY. ((don't read that in a posh voice))

This is the part where I'm supposed to tell you about myself, pretend to try and stay interested while I tell you 10 boring things about me that no one really cares about.

#1 I live in a boring rural town in Western Australia, its quite a pretty town but the people are shit.
#2 I like bands a little bit too much, honestly its getting out of hand.
#3 I'm antisocial.
#4 I want to be a journalist in the future, hence why I started this blog. Not because I wanted to talk about my life (if that's what your expecting, don't.)
#5 I hate being the same as everyone else.
#6 Over the past two years I have changed my hair way too much (think Michael Cliffford, new color every week)
#7 If you're rude to me, there's a huge chance i'll be twice as rude to you back.
#8 My computer favorites go as follows:
>Westpac Online Banking
(((can you tell I'm running out of idea's?)))
#9 I have had a back injury for the past one a half years, which means I cant lift, play sports, or stand up/sit down for long periods of time. There's days I cant even get out of bed, its brilliant.
#10 My phone background features me and my mum ((cue "aw's"))

So hey, and bye