The Big 'F' Word

When people say 'The F Word' we all know what everyone thinks, but no, that's not what we're talking about. The word in question is the dreaded, the unknown, the future.

It's everywhere, in the classroom, the workplace, even at home. There's a lot of pressure on today youth to make some big disicions pretty early on. Do the adults of the world not understand that we're going to change our minds a lot of times before we settle on one career option. 

So we're not allowed to vote, we're not allowed to smoke nor drink alcohol but we're expected to make the decisions that are going to affect the rest of our lives. 
There is so many decisions for us to make. University or Tafe? Or the workforce? Do you want to complete high school? Do you want to do TEE/WACE? Do you want part time work or full time? Do you want shared accommodation or are you going to venture out alone? 

The thing is, you are going to change your mind over and over again before you find something you really love and want to do for the rest of your working life,  So make decisions now, but don't expect them to stick.