"These are just feelings, you know, they're gonna go away"

For Christmas, I was given every single season of Friends on DVD, which I have been watching since Christmas Night. So I'm up to season eight and ((okay spoilers ahead if you haven't seen, but you should have)) Joey is having strong feelings for a pregnant (TO ROSS) Rachel. So when he's in the coffee house and he is forced to tell Ross about his feelings he says "These are just feelings, you know, they're gonna go away" 

For someone who doesn't think that love is really going to happen for her, this line had me thinking, unfortunately a lot. Some feelings, they do go away, but there's some feeling that you have, and then you think they go away and all of a sudden ((a few months later)) they're back again. I'm really confused as to why I'm talking about feelings considering I NEVER TALK ABOUT MY FEELINGS. 
So in the next episode on from Joey and Ross' encounter in the coffee house, Joey is in his apartment saying that he doesn't want to feel this way towards Rachel, that he doesn't want to love her. Joey want's his feelings to just go away, he wants his life back to just having an amazing group of friends.

In these days if you want to know something, you Google it.

The first post was from Yahoo! Answers, always helpful (sometimes). The best answer was to "turn yourself off on the inside" to "shut your feelings off". How in the hell do you do that. Is it just me or am I weird, but i have no idea how to "shut my feelings off." Thanks for that Yahoo! Answers, big, big help, honestly.

The next ever popular website that comes up is WikiHow, which always has some steps for every kind of situation, EVERY. To be honest the only thing I got out of the whole eight steps was "not to work yourself up." I did laugh a little at the the last step which was too "Remember if you want something bad enough, you can achieve it" I WANT TO GET OVER MY FEELINGS NOT GET MORE ENCOURAGEMENT TO KEEP THEM. 

The third website was entitled "The Art Of Letting Go". Which featured a rather long (very long) summary on how to let go of your feelings, which I didn't bother reading because we all know that if you want to get over your feelings you need to distract yourself from you feelings.