Types of People On Your Facebook

As I scroll through my news feed day after day, these people constantly make an appearance. So here is a big shutout to the annoying people we put up with day after day.

The one that post's at least one selfie a day. 
They know they are moderately pretty?handsome so every single damn day our newfeeeds are graced with yet another selfie, except its the same style as the one not even twenty four hours ago. Same makeup, same not even half a smile, same background, different "indie" clothes.

The one that constantly complains about being single.
From "need a boy, gettin' lonely" to "sum girl cum ova" complete with the atrocious spelling.  Maybe if you didn't act so desperate and annoying you might have more of a chance with the ladies or men.

The one that writes status' about their every single movement.I don't need to know that you just had a shower, or that you had steak for dinner. They aren't interesting status' they are usually simple one line things about nothing NO ONE CARES.

The one that post 'vines' about EVERYTHING.You need to make the camera a little bit closer to your face and actually think through your videos before you just randomly film your face. Its rather hard to concentrate on what your saying when i'm watching your eyebrows raise to the top of your forehead.

The one that shares too much information. Hello the population of Facebook doesn't care if your on your menstrual cycle or if you and your girlfriend just had intercourse. There is certain things that no one wants to know and should stay private.

The one that checks in at every place they stop by, even if just for a second.I'm pretty sure no one cares if your at your friends house again, or that your at yet another house party. It's okay to check in at concerts/restaurants/places that people actually care about.

The one that posts a bikini photo every time they wear it.
The beach. The community pool. The pool in the backyard. Adventure World. THE BATHROOM. We get it man, we honestly get it.

Is there any others you can think of? Let me know in the comment section!