How To Not Be That Annoying Single On Valentines.

Valentines Day is pretty much the same in every country. Couples taking the excuse to be loved up in public and not get overly judged for it. Single ladies generally moping around and snacking on ice cream and chocolate. Single guys getting drunk and insisting that they really don't care. On occasions the two species of singles go out partying, get drunk and end up finding a valentine for the night.

As I was scrolling through my Instagram news feed today I come to realization that every second post I was looking at was a post of a couple with a cheesy caption, or someone showing what their other half spoiled them with. Facebook on the other hand, seemed to be an entirely different story, every second status was "like to be my valentine" or "another single valentines day," but with worse spelling.

This may be breaking news but, Valentines Day is just another day if your single. There is no written law you must have someone on Valentines Day. You can be single, and not desperate for some attention.
With that being said it doesn't mean you cant spoil someone special to you, for example I've seen friends of mine spoil their mum's, because lets face it who deserves more then our parents!

So maybe instead of posting you sadness and desperation all over my Facebook news feed I have some suggestions for you to occupy you time.
  For the ladies:

  • Rent The Notebook and The Lucky One on DVD, order a whole pizza with your favorite toppings, eat the pizza to yourself and cry over the beauty of Ryan Gosling and Zac Efron. 
  • Order a bunch flowers complete with chocolates and have them delivered to your work place/school, with a note saying "From Your Secret Admirer" Accept the flowers graciously from the delivery person and pretend that you really didn't send to the flowers to yourself and later indulge in the chocolates while crying over how stupid you feel but also remembering how good you looked in front of you colleagues/friends. 
For the men out there: 
  • Go to the florist, buy some pretty red roses, walk out the shop happy and confident, people will immediately think these are for your girlfriend and it is a sweet, loving gesture. Once you get home you have one of two options, give them to your guy best friend as a joke but be sure to post about it on  Instagram, OR be a good son and go around to your Mum's and surprise her. 
  • Buy a puppy, make a remark about how it is for your "girlfriend" whilst choosing/paying. You don't have a girlfriend, but you now have an adorable best friend that will happily share a bed with you. 
Don't be that annoying, desperate loser this Valentines Day.