My Soundwave TimeTable

So after much delay the Soundwave festival timetables have FINALLY been unveiled. With WhiteChapel just very recently pulling out of the widely popular Australian festival due to a family death as well as Desaparecidos pulling out the same day.

After reviewing the Perth fest timetable (((which I shall be attending))) today's blog post will feature where I want to be for which bands if the day goes as planned, (lets be honest it probably wont.)

11:30-12.00: Real Friends (Stage 7a). Im actually skip the end of this set to make sure I get to my next set by the right time.
11.55-12.35: Mayday Parade (Stage 3) As much I love Real Friends I am in no way willing to give up seeing Mayday, for anything.
13.35-1.05: The Story So Far (Stage 3 Annex) Parker Cannon though <33333
1.45-2.15: Our Last Night (Stage 3 Annex) Basically i have time to fill in a friend recommended, so lets give it a go.
2.00-3.00: The Living End (Stage 2) I was so happy when they were added to the lineup omg.
3.25-4.05: Panic! At The Disco (Stage 3) I WOULD NOT MISS FOR THE WORLD.
4.00-5.00: A Day To Remember (Stage 2) I am going to sprint for my life I swear (back injury or no)
5.20-6.00: Suicide Silence (Stage 6a) Purely too judge the new new vocalist.
5.45-6.45: Korn (Stage 3)
7.00-10.00: GREEN DAY woop

So if all goes as plan I shall be seeing you all in these pits.