Having Crushes on Fictional Characters.

Call me pathetic or whatever, but for some unidentified reason I don't get crushes on real, actual live boys I know, no instead I seem to get them on book characters/ famous band members/ TV characters. Its like it goes through phases, after I saw YMAS live, I swear I'm not joking when I say I listened to probably listened to every single album on repeat for maybe almost a good month. (I'm bad with math oops) 

Currently I'm re watching all the seasons of Pretty Little Liars, and apart from still be shit scared of every noise I hear in the middle of the night, I seem to have redeveloped the initial crush I had on Caleb, played by Tyler Blackburn. Can you blame me though, omg *heart eyes*

So I wanted to do some research because I am fully aware I am not the only one who is more emotionally invested in fictions/out of reach people then real boys. Good old Google, was there to give me a helping hand in answering the question: why do girls get crushes on fiction characters? While we're here, I want some boys to tell me, do you guys get large scale crushes on famous/fictional girls? Let me know!

So  Yahoo! Answers (clickable link)  provided some entertainment, with this question from a guy asking the question I am. Also not "Update 5: btw not trying to call girls dumb or anything its just this is something that i can not relate to but seems pretty common" 

So the best answer stated that girls pick the best and brightest mates to pass good genes to their children. For an opening statement I find that absolutely not true. I know that not everyone is going to agree with me, but I have no desire what so ever to have kids, and when I accidentally come across a pretty boy on TV/in bands/in books/anywhere the first thing i think is not "oh our kids would be cute" in fact I'm pretty sure the first thing I think is "how old is he?" (I like to know how old people are I have no idea why?)

Second pointy made by said answer, is that there's the "added benefit of distance. These men are safe because there is no chance she will be hurt by them." I'm not sure if this person is trying to say we want long distance relationships or that we are wary of being hurt, maybe both? Just because this person is far away doesn't mean that we cant hurt ourselves through them. Some girls get so emotionally invested they feel personally betrayed when they get a girlfriend or have an emotional connection with a person that is not them. I've seen this happen with smaller bands that get bigger, they make their fans feel SO special and important that once they get bigger and the originals get less and less attention, until really the only girls that get their attention is the ones that get invited back to their hotel room. So no, I don't think some girls get the security of knowing that they wont get hurt by this person.
As for the distance, what girl wants to be that far away/ never to have met a person they feel they care very deeply about? Not me that's for sure.

"The celebrity/fictional character is "you" only better" Is this true, do we go for guys that are similar to one we know in real life? Or do we pick ones that have similarities to boys we know? Because lets be completely honest here, I'm fairly sure that Josh Franceschi doesn't have anything similar to any of the boys I put up with on a daily basis.
The funniest thing that I have found from this answer, is this "It's like having an Oreo cookie for dessert. Sure, Oreos are fantastic - but what if someone offered a brownie sundae with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top - then told you that there are no calories, and you won't get a stomach ache if you eat the whole thing? You'd go face first into the dish like a puppy, right? Same here. Those fictional characters are the brownie sundae. You are the Oreo. Double Stuff, of course!" That's one way to make the guy asking the question feel better.
 Okay so my research didn't turn up a lot of answers apart from that I am really not the only one. But do you what to know what I think? Your going to find out regardless. You can have a crush on whoever the hell you want, be it a boy you know, are never going to meet or doesn't exist at all. No one should care about your business, besides you and your totally free to have crushes on whoever, and one day your going to meet a real person that your going to have more then a crush on.