Soundwave, Perth From My Perspecitive

Wow, I's sorry this has taken way to long to upload..

The announcement from Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah that 2014 was to see Perth hold their last Soundwave ever caused quite the stir through the Perth music scene. With justification that the government was mostly to blame, the cause was also put on the lack of fans that show up, saying that "the reality of the situation is that Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne have been subsidising Perth since the thing went national.”
Be that as it may it didn't stop passionate fans starting online petitions and Facebook pages in hope of restoring Soundwave for 2015. Yesterday, as soon as you jumped to the back of the very long line, you had people in your face asking you to sign a petition to save Soundwave. 
2014 saw people lining up from as early as 5am to get to the front of the very long line to get in. Gates opened half an hour earlier then the expected 11am, and the rush to get to the stages was on. Once you got to the gates it took hardly any time at all to get inside and head to your first stage.
My first intention was to go to the signing area, but once we got there, the line was pretty extensive and we knew that both Mayday Parade and A Day To Remember would sell out pretty quickly, the rash decision was made not to bother waiting and be turned down, instead head straight to stage 3 and get close to Mayday Parade. There were little people at the stage already, I think we ended up second from the barrier. Authority Zero provided the entertainment on Stage 3 Annex while we waited.

Authority Zero, who I had no idea who they even were before Soundwave provided such a good live show and took upon themselves to get not only their crowd involved but also the crowd of now a lot of people who were waiting on for Mayday Parade.
When Mayday finally came on stage then crowd was fairy huge and from what I could here at least 90% of the crowd were singing every word back at the band hailing from Tallahassee, Florida. If you missed Mayday Parade this time around you really missed out, such an amazing band honestly. being caught up in the moment I have no photos that I've taken of Mayday which makes me really sad but hey what can I do now.
Favorite song that was preformed live definitely had to to go to Black Cat.

Due to that I wasn't by myself i didn't get to make many decisions as to which bands I saw and who I didn't see. I missed The Story So Far which is pretty annoying, although while I was trying to escape the crowd from Mayday, I did get to see TSSF preform the first song of their set which was Right Here. It didn't take Parker long to get his shirt off, in fact I think he may have been shirtless when they first walked on stage.
From stage three we walked rather briskly to stage 5B who was currently hosting Less Then Jake. I'm not going to lie I had and still don't really have any idea who these guys are. There music was rather enticing, and their stage show was good but I had insisted that we stay back from the pit due to the fact that I had no idea who they were.

Purely for the fact that we wanted to sit down we went to the main stage and watched Richie Sambora. His whole personality both while he was singing and talking to the crowed screamed ignorance and up him self. I'm a big fan of INXS music and to hear him sing (and not do to well at it) Don't Change really wasn't my cup of tea. I think we ended up leaving during Don't Change to be honest.

On stage three we watched AFI play from a distance, waiting for their last song to get up very quickly and charge towards the front in order to be nearer to the stage for Panic! AFI put on a pretty good live show really and pulled in a pretty big crowd. After AFI had left the stage and were settled pretty close to the stage Zebrahead entertained on stage 3 Annex. Their live performance included some drinking games on stage and crowd surfing which is really what festivals are all about.

Best dressed band of Soundwave 2014 undoubtedly goes to Panic! At The Disco. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the band to show you but think suits and bow ties. A big shout out to Brendon Urie's dance moves though 100% would pay to see again, and again. The thing i like most about Panic! (besides Brendon removing his shirt) was that they didn't play all new songs from Too Weird To Live.. To Rare To Die. the set list included The Ballad Of Mona Lisa, Lets Kill Tonight and the song that shot them to fame I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

From Panic! we moved straight to the main stage for ADTR. Due to my back injury I wasn't able to go right into the most, instead having to stand back meaning I didn't get to push Jeremy around in his bubble(?) thing, I'm not even sure what it was! ADTR provided some great entertainment with their set list that included both their older song and song from the new album Common Courtesy.

After ADTR we went to stage 6A which was holding Suicide Silence. Lately I hadn't been that into SS, mainly because I hadn't warmed up to the new vocalist. From the limited amount of their set that I did see, I will say that the whole of Suicide Silence are a very good live band.

Between dinner and talking with people I hadn't seen in a while, we were entertained by Jimmy Eat World. I'm not going to claim to be the biggest Jimmy Eat World fan, because not going to lie I hadn't listened to them right up until the day of Soundwave. From what I saw they have a pretty big fanbase I'm going to assume? But they are undeniably a good band who produce catchy and somewhat meaningful songs that people obviously love, and such a great live band as well.

My biggest regret of the night was not going into the crowd for Green Day, if I could do it over I would undeniably be in the middle in stead of right up the back with some older people. Three hours of Green Day, I'm pretty sure has been the highlight of my life. Since hearing American Idiot at some stupid age of like year five in the bedroom of one of my oldest friends, I somewhat always held a spot in my heart for this band.
I kid you not if you missed Green Day and their amazing setlist, you really didn't make the most of your Soundwave.

All in all it was a sad day for Perth to farewell their favorite music festival, but one of the best ways to end it all.
So now tell me about your Soundwave! Perth or not, I still want to know!