Coachella Fashion 2014

Every year Instagram and Facebook are taken over by people wishing they were at Coachella, posting pictures of celebrities of people at Coachella and then the people who are actually at the music festival in California. Undoubtedly the fashion of the festival every year can range from try hard indie to fab and this year was no exception.Lets break down what the celebrities wore to the infamous festival.

1) Kendell Jenner
 First of all, lets talk about the elephant in the damn room, Kendell Jenner and THAT nose ring. Could you even call it a nose ring, its more like this huge piece of jewellery sticking in the middle of her nose.Like, i'm all for nose rings, I have one ,myself, I'm even all for being an individual and sticking out BUT SHE IS KENDELL JENNER she walks in the room and all the attention turns to her. Not going to lie I really don't like it at all. her outfit though, its cute and its not hippy-like, its preppy and modern you could say. I love that shes turned away from the traditional boots of Coachella and paired her outfit with Converse. Her short shorts show off her smoking hot pins, and really with legs like that you need to show them off. 

2) Selena Gomez
Definitely one of my favorites from the festival this year, Selena looks absolutely amazing.Being one of probably few that could pull this outfit off, Selena has paired her cute lace, floral, maxi dress with a wide brim hat and cute sunglasses.                                                            

3) Jared Leto
he may be one of the hottest movie and music guys at the moment, but nothing con protect you against committing a crime against fashion. Those pants, dear me. Black and white zebra pants (are they jeans? leggings? haha) should have been left with the music career of LMFAO.
Regardless of the pants the top half of him is as beautiful as ever, (the hair omg). I love that he's in with the trend of wearing tartan around the hips/waist. Muscle singlet also very much agree with Jared, that's for sure.

4) Vanessa Hudgens
Trying to hide her identity behind a black scarf, Vanessa showed off her hot new, blonde hair. As usual she kept her bo-ho style- and 100% rocked it. Teaming the two prints of her skirt and her slouchy, shirt so much worked in the favor of the beautiful gal. Her boots complement her outfit well, once again Vanessa wins in the fashion stakes.

 5) Ashley Benson
The ever beautiful, star of Pretty Little Liars opted for a more in style look this Coachella. teaming high waist-ed black shorts with a lace crop top made the starlet stand out. The short by far make her legs look amazing. Ashley has definitely hit some highs with this outfit.

6) Sarah Highland
The starlet has hit the right notes opting for a more conservative outfit compared to some others attending the festival. Flower crowns were definitely in fashion this year and Sarah wore hers perfectly, the bright pink putting the emphasis on her golden glow. One thing I love about this outfit is her hair, a lot of other celebrities from what I have seen have kept their hair out and free, while Sarah dared to be different and sleeked it into a pretty up do.

7) Kellen Lutz
Big hat? Check. Ankle chinos? Check? Tartan waist accessory? Check. Muscle tee? Check. Kellen has obviously looked up the mans guide to how to dress for Coachella, ad taken every detail perfectly. Showing off his guns purely adds to his whole attire. Is hitting all the right notes definitely.

 8) Ashley Greene and Paul Khoury
This is possibly the cutest Coachella couple of 2014. Ashley is rocking her hair cut and tan cutout dress with Suede boots. I love that they've both gone for simple and not over the top.

 9) Dianna Argon
This blond beauty has taken a two piece, eye ball print outfit and turned it into one of the best outfits of Coachella this year. I love, love, love the print, its weird, its wacky, its individual. I also love that she isn't revealing all that much, a touch of skin around her waste and that's it.

10) Alessandra Ambrosio
She may be one of the hottest models at the moment but nothing excuses anyone from a camel toe. I personally do not like the knee high boots, not with this outfit. But the print and belt are very complimentary to her figure. Top points for also looking likes shes having a heap of fun.

There you have it, ten fashions of celebrities from the hottest festival this year, some great some not so great.

Note: photos are not mine, I claim no credit. Credit goes respectfully to all photographers and instagramers.