Guess Who's Back!!!

Today was a pretty exciting day for the Short Stack kids who were devastated by the break up of the band in 2012. Today the band announced that they would indeed be reunited, and according to Shaun Diviney the band plans on sticking around for a while.

If you, like me, remember the exact moment that you read the break up announcement (I was in the car with my Mum and yelped like a dog when I read it), you will appreciate what fans of the band are going through right now. March 30th, 2012 the band announced via Facebook that the trio would be no more. The announcement also concluded with "hope you enjoy our last release SOUL" but what a lie that turned out to be. October 18, fans were once again sent into a frenzy when the band release, what seemed to be their final goodbye, Art Vandalay. The eleventh and final track on the album 'Goodbye' seemed to sum it all up, it was seemingly over.

Diviney released an E.P, 'Sex Games' and toured the east side of the country, Andy had a guest role on Neighbours and Bradie has been making a name for himself as a music producer. But today that all changed, twitter went into a meltdown, the band are back together and doing two shows very soon. Sydney and Melbourne your in luck. Melbourne, you'll be seeing the first gig back, on the 28th of June at Ormond Hall, while Sydney you get the show July 5 at the Metro Theatre.

The announcement came today along with a new single, which is the first the band has released as an independent band, which you can grab off itunes from this link.

So, the band have come out and said that they have been working on their new album, 'Homecoming', secretly for almost a year now, that's a long time to keep a secret. Not long ago though Shaun tweeted someone saying that he didn't think that a reunion was likely for the band. As well as that the band reminisced on memories on the two year anniversary of the sad day only a few weeks ago, well played boys, well played.