Song Review: Real Girls Eat Cake- The Janoskians

I'm someone who when reviewing something will try and find something nice to say about what I'm reviewing, no matter how much I might not like it. That was until I heard this song and all intentions of finding something good about it went out the window. The Real Girls Eat Cake clip was released and few dedicated fans decided to still support the sexist group that put their name on the music, while the smart among us told them what we actually thought.

This is the third single from Melbourne pranksters turned wannabe musicians after signing to Sony Records. Big props to their record company that's actually willing to produce and put their name to this "music" because your pretty ballsy.

Musically the song is such an auto-tuned mess. Although the lyrics are far much worse then the music. Alright so they tried to make highlight girls self-consciousness and make it better but this was 100% not the right thing to do. Lets just look at some of the lyrics below:
"Hey girl, I see you made an effort with your lipstick, but you got some on your teeth, you fucking dipshit" AND THIS IS THE FIRST LINE. Are you seriously kidding me? For a group (i refuse to call them a band, I'm not sorry) that have repeatedly said they are anti-bullying they've sure not shown it through their lyrics. Although it's good to be able tell that they actually wrote their own lyrics, because this is entirely the sort of thing we should expect from them.
The group have also showed that they're more superficial then anything with lyrics completely surrounding how a girl looks,such as "sexy" and "beautiful" only referring to how a girl looks, because you know that is completely the only thing that matters in a girl, good message to be sending.

As for the official clip, I have no idea what the hell is going on, or what the purpose of Jai/Luke (I have no idea which one) dressing as a girl shows but maybe I'm missing the whole point. Speed dating proves what exactly? Commendable effort how stuck up and superficial you all came across though, definitely gave it that "this is complete bullshit" finish.

My honest opinion is that if they'd have stuck to just making funny videos on Youtube they would have a lot more support than they do now, considering almost every Australian fan that I knew from when I actually thought that they were funny and not, well this, now thinks they are a waste of time.
If you want to watch the video you can do it here: but I highly do not recommend it, to anyone, worst enemies included. Its not even worth the $1.19 it costs on iTunes. 
Overall rating: 1/10: one point for effort I guess.