Trying To Give Advice // Not So Professional Elyssa

The other day I had someone ask me on my tumblr for advice (there was two asks but I;m going to assume they are actually from the same person??). I was thinking about answering them just on my tumblr, but I guess its kind of just easier to put them on here because the person had said they read my blog, so thank you :)
I just want to clarify that I will give advice if someone asks for it, but in no way am I a professional.. at anything. So this is my best advice, but i'm in no way saying its going to be the absolute greatest advice in the world.

Question 1: Dude, I'm in love with this boy, he's my ex but he's got a girlfriend? help. 
Argh boy advice! I'm horrible with boys and emotions and all that kind of stuff. I literally cannot deal with my ""feelings"" to save myself. Now, I don't know you personally, but love is a pretty strong word. If you had a long, meaningful relationship then I would totally understand. I think that boys and girls handle break up's differently, (in most cases anyway). Maybe his girlfriend is a rebound, a way of dealing with his loss and maybe even a way of making you jealous. I think that the relationship obviously had a basis for ending and on that you should accept that it's over. Wow that sounds really harsh but I mean it the nicest possible way to say that. You're feelings will eventually pass and you can live a single life having fun and not worrying about the stress of being tied down. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

Question 2: How do I tell my parents that I want to have more freedom? 
I'm going to interpret this like you mean you want to be able to do more stuff, have more privileges, stay out later? I've never had to do this because I don't leave the house very often so my parents get, I guess you could say excited when I ask to go out. I think you need to have back up to what you're asking for, you need to show why you responsible enough to have that later curfew, to do whatever. I think the main thing is to avoid confrontation. If they say a flat out no the first time, leave it and let them think it over, come back to the subject a few days later. Blowing up and starting an argument isn't going to convince them that you're responsible enough to have more freedom. But just remember that what your parents decide, is what they're doing to protect you while they can, it might not seem like it sometimes but they're not trying to ruin your life, trust me.

So that's the questions I was asked, if you have questions you want answered, leave them in my tumblr ask, which you can find here and eventually I will get around to doing another one of these posts, hopefully with some more questions for me to ponder over. I hope this helped at least the person who asked, and more if that was the kind of thing you were wondering about.

Thank you xx