Types Of People I Cannot Deal With

The world is filled with way too many types of people that annoy me and today I decided that I was going to write a list and justify why I can't deal with them.

Like hello I get that you are just doing your job, but if it is the middle of the night and I can't understand what you are saying, I refuse to buy it.

12 Year Old Girls 
This wasn't going to be on my list, but yesterday I was innocently sitting in my chair during a lesson that unfortunately we must share with little brats. Basically the only thing I have to say is I was not laughing at you, so your trying to be intimidating twleve year old ""death"" stares is not working on someone who is five year older than you babe.

People Who Leave Their Trolleys Anywhere
If the collection point is literally a few meters away, please just stop and don't leave them in the middle of the god damn road.

People Who Walk Slow In Shopping Centres 
 If I am in a shopping centre, I am on a mission to spend as much money as possible by 5pm and if you are blocking my path I will not be happy.

Parents Who let Their Children Stand On Chairs At Concerts. Seriously, why do parents bring their kids to concerts, if they're five they aren't going to remember it anyway so how about you let the people who are actually going to remember it see the people on the stage.

People With Really Freaking Big Posters At Concerts
They can't even read it why are you wasting your time?!?! So put it down and let everyone that is behind you see the damn band.

Friends Who Scream When They See Each Other 
As if you are THAT excited to see them, you saw each other less than 24 hours ago, you are embarrassing yourself.

Overly PDA Couples
Please stop, it is disgusting. Everyone else manages to control their urges until they are in private, why the hell cant you.

Guys Who Think Every Girl Wants Them
Girls don't like arrogant guys, please stop.

Girl Who Think Every Guy Wants Them

Suck Up's and Teachers Pets
You don't need to run to your teachers/boss every ten minutes asking them for extra work/something else to do, fully expecting praise.

Instagram Whores
Oh two selfies today? And a shot of your shopping? And a meme? And a couple shot? And your LUNCH!? yeah, no, unfollow.

People Who Always Have To Have The Last  Word

People Who Follow You, And Then You Follow Them, And Then They Unfollow You? 
Do you not think I see my followers amount go down? Well I did, so thanks for wasting my time.

Do you guys have more people you think should be highlighted? Tell me!