Things Making The Music Scene Sad Lately- Just In Case You Don't Have Twitter

The last week has seen a lot of angry and sad tweets all amined in the direction of the Australian music scene, here is a quick run down. 

Today 25/06/2014

If you've stayed completely clear of social media today you wont have heard the news that is currently causing such a huge stir in the Australian music scene. Three of Australia's favourite festivals have been confirmed to be no longer.

Big Day Out. 

How it looked this morning-
this morning the music scene was alive with the news that well known, AJ Maddah of Soundwave touring had transferred his stake in the festival entirely to American partners C3, as well as stepping down as the director of the festival. The festival was reported to be taken over by new director Blake Kendrick as of the 4th of June. It was no secret that after the 2014 even the festival was running at a loss after being confirmed by AJ Maddah himself on radio. 

How it looks right now- New reports are coming to light all over the internet that in fact the festival will not continue ANYWHERE in Australia in 2015. Reports have also been amid that CEO Adam Zammit has also had his employment terminated. Bookings for usual showgrounds and sideshows of the popular festival have also said to have confirmed that the dates were once booked, and since been cancelled and the dates released for further bookings. 

Fat As Butter. 

The Newcastle festival released a statement on their official Facebook page this morning saying:
Brace yourselves for some rotten news. Unfortunately there’ll be no 2014 edition of Fat As Butter – major BUMMER. Despite 6 months of scouring the world we just haven’t been able to land a line up that we reckon you guys would come and play with. We’re obviously all disappointed that for the first time in 7 years we wont be partying on the Foreshore. It was a decision we agonised over, but sometimes the fickle gods of the almighty line up just don’t co operate!
We’ll miss you all this year, but we’ll definitely be back in 2015 with a smashing show. Stay tuned in the meantime – we might just have something else to fill the musical void.
FAB Headquaters."

This was quite the unexpected twist after the huge success the one day festival saw last year with a line up including Bliss 'n' Eso, British India, Gym Class Heroes and Spit Syndicate

Warped Tour Aus.

Yet again AJ Maddah is involved with this one, as he is with pretty much everything. Confirming via twitter last night that the only Warped Tour the world would be seeing this year is the American tour, already underway. This was just hours after the UK version of the tour was also announced as not happening. 

Friday 20/06/2014

You Me At Six Headliner 

The anger from this one came directly from the fans of Perth this time around. During the Self Titled Paramore tour YMAS lead vocalist Josh Franceschi announced a new Australian tour as well as promising the band would return to Perth after noticing the lack of bands coming to our side of the country. The hopes of Perth fans were quickly cut down when the official announcements were posted on the bands twitter. Perth was once again left off.
Support for the tour was announced as Aussie up and comers Tonight Alive.

Thats all for now! But I am looking for some new up and coming bands to future in a new blog post coming soon, if you think that fits your band and you want to put your name out there a bit more tweet me some of your music @lissagiedraitis and let me know that you're interested.