Track By Track Opinions: 5 Seconds of Summer Album

Australian originals 5 Seconds of Summer have had worldwide success following their not one, but now two tours with One Direction. The four boys are set up for a life in the music industry but will this album bring the huge reaction they're after? Fans all around the world reportedly spent their night camped out in order to grab the album, while I opted to stay in the warmth of my bed and but the album on iTunes.
So I have the Deluxe 5 Seconds Of Summer album on my iPod, I have hardly listened to it all so this will mostly be my first reactions to the whole album.

Track 1. She Looks So Perfect
Everyone knows this track, it's been covered on YouTube countless and played, and played more amount of times over the airwaves. I was convinced that I actually have already reviewed this song, but apparently I haven't so here goes! A heavy bass line start of the song that has a pretty strong influence throughout the continuation of the song. Lyrics that get stuck in your head, and then stay there for way too many hours.This was probably the first song where the world really saw that 5SOS weren't that band of young boys from Sydney anymore.

Track 2. Don't Stop
This was first released May 5th, after such a hype period, mainly focused by the boys themselves. The song is unbelievably catchy, which could the reason it also is circulating around the Australian and American airwaves. Heavy vocals from Luke during the chorus and the repetitive use of "know it, know it, know it" made the song easily recognisable to all listeners, not just the fans. I don't think I can give an overly accurate first impression on either of the first two track being that it's been a while since the first time I actually did hear them for the first time.

Track 3. Good Girls
I had the strongest feeling for this song for the song since the first time I heard it live, I had the live version saved on my iPod and it was one of my favorite 5SOS songs.. and then the studio version came out. Its turns out that 5 Seconds of Summer had found the wonders of auto tune and used them. Although Michael tried to dispel the definite fact that autotune was used for this song, tweeting that it was simply harmony, there is a difference between the two and we are not stupid enough to be fooled. Lyrically the song is great. Here is the thing, I think I tweeted it the first time I heard the studio version, I would much prefer there was a live version on the album than this.

Track 4. Kiss Me Kiss Me
How many effects can you put in an album though before it becomes to much? This song has a catchy opening, same goes for the chorus, although I don't know how many times I can stand hearing "kiss me, kiss me, kiss me". I don't think I like the beat and musical side of this song, and the lyrics are by far the stand out for me.

I feel like maybe I'm being too brutal with this blog post, but this is what I, as someone who has watched these guys grow from their covers on YouTube and someone who got "mad" when they went to NZ before even coming to Perth. They claim to be punk rock or whatever, and in reality they're pop and nothing more.

Track 5. 18
Again I loved this song when I heard it live I thought it was great, the studio version is on of the better on the album to be honest. The introduction is my favourite of the album and the bass throughout the song adds some edge to the lyrics. The lyrics are highly relatable to their fans who are mostly around the 14-17 year old age and want nothing more than to be 18. The beat to the song is so catchy and this song is definitely one of the stand outs from the album.

Track 6. Everything I Didn't Say
Released a few days before the album itself this song features heavy melody and is one of the sweeter songs of the album. Like I actually love this song, the pitch changes add to the dramatic feeling of this song and which girl wouldn't want a member, or any boy for that matter to sing this song to them? The chorus of this song is a piece of writing that will get stuck in your head and you'll catch yourself singing it when you least expect it.

Track 7. Beside You
WHAT DID THEY DO TO ONE OF THE BEST SONGS THEY HAVE PREFORMED?! Guys c'mon when this song was released the first time everyone loved it, there was no need to add this amount of auto tune to a brilliant song. Lyrically its still the same song, musically I will continue to listen to the first release of this because it is far more raw and sounds like the 5SOS that they first wanted to be, before the whole One Direction and "oh we're a boy band now" thing. I'm sorry but I don't like this at all and I didn't even listen to the full song.

Track 8. End Up Here
This band seem to have a thing for repeating so many of their lyrics. I think that the music and the effects of the song start to drown out Luke, Calum and from what I can hear Michael during the chorus. I think I can hear a layering effect, which they really didn't need, the vocals from Luke and Calum alone are strong enough, added with Michael's and the effects make it a very strong combination, maybe to strong. I don't know my exact feelings on this song, but its kind of 50/50.

Track 9. Long Way Home
More effects that weren't needed throughout the song. The beat is slower and I like that, its a refreshing change from the upbeat album. When I first heard this song it reminded me of Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus, it has an older sounding musical sound and lyrical voice to it. Why must they write such catchy songs, I actually love this song to be honest.

Track 10. Heartbreak Girl
Another re-release of a good original song, but this time they stuck to more of the same style they did with the first release, which makes me happy. Not identical, almost improved on musically. Very little effects in this song give it more of the edgy and raw sound I've mentioned before. There really isn't much I can say on a song I've heard way too many times, but I am defiantly liking the re-release of this.

Track 11. Lost Boy
I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought was "OMG LOST BOY STUDIO VERSION" boy was I disappointed. The intro I didn't notice as much, and than I listened to the lyrics, like I don't know if its just me or what but it hardly sounds like them??! Chorus gets better but I'm still way put off this song with the amount of effects, and as I have said before I'll probably keep listening to the live version even though it features so many screaming girls.

Track 12. Amnesia
Like so many before I loved the live version so I immediately was sure I would like the studio version. But how much does this sound like Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Tee's?! Very similar. With very little effects I do enjoy this song to be honest, its just a pretty song, that's a weird way to describe a song but that's what it is.

Track 13. Social Casualty 
I couldn't tell you what but this also sounds pretty similar to something I have previously heard, it could possibly come to me. The bass is very outstanding in this song, very prominent and I think that could add to the hardness of this song, balancing out the amount of harmony. Lyrically this song is enticing and I think my first impression of this song is that its the closest thing to punk rock this band will get in a while.

Track 14. Never Be
And here we revert back to the poppy sound 5SOS are beginning to become famous for: softer beat and a love song. Although this song does seem to have a less of the musical sound effects and more of the raw sound they have gone for with a few songs. Lyrically its very similar as some of the other poppy- love songs on the market but the music to it is what sets it apart from the rest. With some effects on the backing music, used to their advantage the band have created a same but different sound of the music played today. \

Track 15. Voodoo Doll
I think everyone loved this song when they heard it live, live versions seem to be the key for my judgement for a lot of these songs. This is one of these songs where they have changed it, added effects and such but they have one it in a way that adds to the song and doesn't make it horrible. Once again bass is featured in this song a lot as well as the drums. My only issue with this song is a verse of this song is entirely with an effect voice, the band has a great sound with Luke and Calum and they don't need to put that much auto tune on their voices.

Track 16. Greenlight
Praise the lord for the rawness of their voices in this song, no effects is what I live for. I think all the instruments in this song have an equal opportunity to show off their sound and that is what balances the whole song out creates this huge sound that blends so well together. Calum has a bass solo and that adds to the previous sound of the song, the edge that it takes on.

Overview: I think in an attempt to distance themselves from the whole world telling them that they are the next One Direction, the turned to the help of auto tune and effects to distinguish themselves. I also feel like they have used too much of this in an attempt to find their own sound.
Favourite Song: Long Way Home
Rating: a generous 6/10

*waits for all 5sos fans to get together and hate me*