Who I'm Voting For: Alternative Press Awards

This will show all you guys how I'm deciding who I actually want to vote for when casting my Alternative Press Awards vote, which has been requested for via my tumblr asks. These awards have been promoted heavily by some of the people nominated and there is so many good bands and musicians up for the titles.

The Nominees: 
  • Common Courtesy- A Day To Remember
    Definitely one of the highlights of last year, I think i had this on repeat for at least two weeks after the release. Such a good contrast between the dirty and clean vocals. 
  • Hail To The King- Avenged Sevenfold
    To be honest here, I listened to one track on this album and I just couldn't get into it. 
  • Wretched and Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones- Black Veil Brides
    100% not a BVB fans and didn't listen to this album at all.
  • Sempiternal- Bring Me The Horizon
    SO GOOD! Their new sound was definitely something they needed to bring in new fans and it definitely did happen. 
  • Save Rock and Roll- Fall Out Boy
    I never though Fall Out Boy were going to come off hiatus at one point but the release of this album excited the inner 13 year old me, and then eventually the present day me, such a good album. 
  • Paramore- Paramore
    Roughly two years we waited for this album, I was hoping for some older sounding music, and was disappointed but still such a rad album from a rad band. 
  • Feel- Sleeping With Sirens
    Was such a big SWS fan, and I just couldn't get into it or the lead singer anymore. Basically in my oppinion the stuck up nature of 'Congratulations' turned me off completely. 
  • Is Survived By- Touche` Amore`
    No valid oppinion on this to be honest. 
  • Vessel- twenty one pilots
    I didn't know these guys until they opened for Paramore and since then their music has been highly rotated through my iTunes shuffle.
  • The Greatest Generation- The Wonder Years
    Ah The Wonder Years, yes such a good band and a brilliant album. 
Final Vote Went To: Sempiternal- Bring Me The Horizon

The nominees:
  • A Day To Remember
    These guys were very high on my liked list this past year and their preformance at Soundwave 2014, added a whole new level to my love for this band. 
  • Avenged Sevenfold
    Used to be a big fan, not as much anymore. 
  • Black Veil Brides
  • Bring Me The Horizon
    My favorite live band of 2013, they have definitely come a long way.
  • Of Mice & Men
    These guys have definitely brought their A game this year. 
  • Panic! At The Disco
    A killer album? check. An amazing live band? check. Good looking members? check. 
  • Paramore
    Ah the trio everyone loves, I have a feeling they might just take out this title. 
  • Pierce The Veil
    The Spring Fever tour brought new fans to this band, and the old fans back. I'm excited to see how they progress through the year. 
  • Sleeping With Sirens
    I'm sorry no. 
Final Vote Went To: Panic! At The Disco

The nominees:
  • A Day To Remember
    I saw these guys at Soundwave and I was unbelievably far back but OMG, such an amazing live band.
  • All Time Low
    These guys came to Australia, and not to Perth so I missed out this time, but watch out next time my bra will be on stage most definitely. 
  • Asking Alexandria
    I saw I think maybe half of these guys set at Soundwave and even though I was pretty against it that had such a good live performance and I was most impressed.
  • Fall Out Boy
    These guys also came to Australia and not Perth and I am still sad I missed out, next time 100%
  • Pierce The Veil
    I haven't seen these guys yet unfortunately but put on an Australian show and i'm there/
  • twenty one pilots
    I fell in love with these guys at the Self Titled Tour and it continues every day. 
Final Vote Went To: twenty one pilots

The nominees: 
  • The Color Morale
    I haven't listened to this band yet, will YouTube.
  • Crown The Empire
    I think I might have listened to snippets of this band, can't really form an opinion on them though. 
  • Issues
    Literally such an amazing contrast between electric and hardcore, so good. 
  • letlive.
    I've listened to a few of these guys songs, enough to know they're gonna get heaps bigger then they already are. 
  • The Story So Far
    AH! Musically amazing. Lyrically amazing. Live amazing, I just yeah amazing. 
  • twenty one pilots
    These guys are up for so many, its so good they've gotta get at least one!
Final Vote Goes To: The Story So far

The nominees: 
  • A Love Like War- All Time Low featuring Vic Fuentes
    When this was released I was so in love with it, and then the video clip came out and I died, I mean Alex and the leg thing.. am I right. 
  • Shadow Moses- Bring Me The Horizon
    Definitely a high contender for this title.
  • My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em' Up)- Fall Out Boy
    The day this was released and Fall Out Boy actually came off hiatus it was like Christmas and I think I was so happy I cried. 
  • Alone- Falling In Reverse
    As much as I don't particularly like Ronnie Radke, this song is actually pretty catchy and will get stuck in your head. 
  • Still Into You- Paramore
    I think this song was good and then every damn time i got in the car it was on the radio and it got over played very quickly. 
  • Alone- Sleeping With Sirens featuring MGK
    Sleeping With Sirens actually caught my attention with this and it was one of the songs from the album i could really stand. 
Final Vote Went To: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)- Fall Out Boy

Best International Band
The nominees: 
  • Asking Alexandria (UK)
    Brilliant live band, I cant get into the band though. 
  • Bring Me The Horizon (UK)
    You guys all know my feelings about these guys.
  • Crossfaith (Japan)
    I had no idea who these guys were until Bring Me The Horizon bought them here and there it was that I witnessed the most hectic pit I swear.
  • Parkway Drive (Australia)
    Always Aussie favourites. 
  • Siverstein (Canada)
    I don't think I know these guys.
  • Frank Turner (UK)
    Neither these guys. 
Final Vote Went To: Parkway Drive

The nominees
  • All Time Low
    The girls a straight up hustler ;)
  • Avenged Sevenfold
    I haven't experienced these guys fans, but from what I saw their pit was pretty big pit at Soundwave this year. 
  • Black Veil Brides
    I've seen fans all over my twitter and I have in no desire to experience them in their full force. 
  • Mayday Parade
    Ah my loves. The I was second from front at Soundwave and everyone pushed so hard in an attempt to get to Derek. also, sorry to the girl that fell while trying to crowd surf, and for me laughing really hard. 
  • My Chemical Romance
    These guys fans actually scare me a lot, there is so many of them. 
  • Pierce The Veil
    Love these guys, fans scare me though haha.
Final Vote Went To: All Time Low

The nominees: 
  • All Time Low: Skate4Cancer 
  • Memphis May Fire: peta2
  • Modern Baseball: 1BlueString
  • Pierce The Veil: Keep A Breast 
  • Rise Against: Shirts For A Cure 
  • The Used: Living The Dream
I love what all of these bands are doing for all of these charities and its almost impossible to make a decision, I'm litterally just going to do eanie, meanie, miney, mo. 

Final Vote Goes To: The Used- Living The Dream

The nominees: 
  • Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides)
    I dont really pay attention to this band, sorry!
  • Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil)
    Vic has such an amazing voice honestly.
  • Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens)
    Pretty average voice to be honest, no h8.
  • Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon)
    Live, his voice is just perfection.
  • Brendon Urie (Panic! At The Disco)
    The new record definately gave Brendon the chance to show off the amazing-ness of his voice. 
  • Hayley Williams (Paramore)
    Ah Hayley! her voice blew me away so much at the Self Titled Tour.
Final Vote Went To: Hayley Williams

The nominees: 
  • JB Brubaker (August Burns Red)
    Not gonna lie, I'm not really into this band.
  • Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold)
    I think I've already said that I don't listen to them anymore.
  • Phil Manansala (Of Mice & Men)
    His stage presence and sound is amazing. 
  • Jack O'Shea (Bayside)
    I havent listened to these guys either oops.
  • Chris Rubey (The Devil Wears Prada)
    Actually so amazing.
  • Jacky Vincent (Falling In Reverse)
    I havent really paid attention to this guy or the band.
Final Vote Went To: Chris Rubey (The Devil Wears Prada)

The nominees: 
  • Jeremy Davis (Paramore)
    My bae, who has a kid and a wife and yeah. 
  • Zack Merrick (All Time Low)
    Ah Zack I always have way too many feels for this boy and his musical talents.
  • Ryan Neff (Miss May I)
    I've only heard these guys limited times to be honest.
  • Jaime Preciado (Pierce The Veil)
    Ah Jaime, so much talent.
  • Devin "Ghost" Sola (Motionless In White)
    I listen to these guys, but pay limited attention to the guys to be honest.
  • Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)
    13 year old me is screaming " VOTE PETE VOTE PETE" 
Final Vote Went To: Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy)

Best Drummer
The nominees: 
  • Jess Bowen (The Summer Set)
    She wins before I even look at the rest because she is a. so talented. b. amazing. c. ultimate girl crush.
  • Josh Dun (twenty one pilots)
  • Mike Fuentes (Pierce The Veil)
  • Matt Greiner (August Burns Red)
  • Luke Holland (The Word Alive)
  • Ryan Seaman (Fall In Reverse)
Final Vote Went To: Jess Bowen (The Summer Set)

So that is how my voting went and if you had something different let me know and also follow me on social media below because we can be friends.
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