How To Get Over A Break Up

I'm not an expert on this, but it came to my attention whilst scrolling down my Facebook earlier this evening, that while SO many people are getting into relationships, some are also getting out of them and having a hard time doing so. Most of peoples private life soon becomes public life when they post cryptic (or not so cryptic) Facebook statuses and Instagram photos with depressing captions and not too log after a breakup the whole of the internet is aware. To give them a helping hand with getting over their ex partner, and to stop the statuses/tweets/tumblr posts/instagram photos, I have compiled a list of the best ways in my opinion to get over a breakup (again not an expert) that you can subtly link to that friend who's having a hard time and letting all their social media friends know about it.

block all social media contact with the ex partner. 
You don't, I repeat don't want to know what they're posting about. There is a few possible outcomes here, they are either:

  1. Just as sad as you, and do you want to see their depressing statuses/photos/tweets/posts? If you're about to say yes than you are WRONG. Of course you don't! Did they break you're heart? Then forget them and they're ridiculous post's. You broke their heart? Stop the guilt and don't read it, if you don't know about it, why feel more guilty?
  2. Putting up a "I don't give a sh*t" front. There will be photos with other girls/guys. He will put up photos with his bro's hanging out in clubs (probably strip clubs, lets be honest) and she will put up photos again in clubs, half dresses and pretending she doesn't care. They do care, but by the looks of it they're depserate for everyone to think they're fine, which they probably aren't.
burn photos, drink alcohol, eat chocolate. 
Those photos of you two that you have on your dresser? Burn them. Your lock screen of you two? Change it. (Ladies I suggest a hot male model/actor/musician ie. Jared Leto, Ed Westwick ect. Guys same goes, I'm thinking Katy Perry, Iggy Azalea and Hayley Williams!). Destroy all photographic evidence that anything every happened, nothing happened without proof. Drink alcohol (not too much and not if you're underage, I don't condone underage drinking or alcoholic behaviour but what are you going to do?) Chocolate is an essential for all sad situations, or really just an general occasion, why not be sad AND eat chocolate? 

Sleeping is basically the human version of "turn it off and on again." We do it with computers, phones everything (just not life support please) so why not with our bodies!? Take to the bed for a few hours, days what ever! (Not too long though)

go out. 
Your friends are having a barbecue? join in. Family holiday? off you go! Night on the town with you're pals? Get glammed up, look fabulous and out the door you go! You're favourite band/singer is in town? Go have a dance! Going out will get you're mind off things, even just for a few hours, have fun as a single, independent gal/guy. Purely because it's fun and you can, and you will! 

do not hatch plans to get them back. 
Unexpectedly showing up at their house at a ridiculous hour, throwing rocks at their window with a guitar in hand may look romantic in movies, in real life it will leave you with embarrassment and them with a scratched or broken window which you might have to actually pay for. Don't take to Google to help you hatch plans either, I did purely out of interest from this blog post and was deeply scared. 

turn your phone off. 
I know that you're sitting there, phone on the table next you, debating whether to cal or text or waiting for them to do the same. They're not going to and neither are you. You are stronger than that, and you know it.

Again, I'm not an expert but think before you let your private life go public on social media and try some of these out.

Do you have more break up remedies? Let me know on my tumblr ask, I want to know!