June Favourites

This is my first ever favorites blog post on the blog and I am super excited about it! I did try to get one done last month but apparently it never happened, so here we go!


I have three beauty favourites this month, a primer, face mask and a lip product.

First off I have the Nude Magique Blur Cream from L`OREAL Paris. I was so sceptical about this product when I first purchased it, but I was soon won over. It' a sillicon based primer, which you notice as soon as it comes out of the tube, but it definately does everything that it claims to. It mattifies your skin and helps prolong the wear of your makeup, but more importantly it blurs your small imperfections- fine lines, pores ect. It's not a heavy feeling product and its also tinted. It can be purchased in two different tones- I have light to medium and is the perfect base for any day.
I got mine from Priceline for $20.01, and online you can get it from this link: https://www.priceline.com.au/index.php/cosmetics/face/bb-cc-and-dd-products/nude-magique-blur-cream-25.0-ml

My second favorite for June is a face mask from the Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden. This is the 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask, and it is great!You wet your skin and then put this all over your face and its a warming sensation on your face, although the heat doesn't last very long, but that doesn't really bother me.It has a thick, grey texture which is explained by the fact that its basis is from charcoal. It isn't so much a deep cleanse as a mild one, but my face has become really sensitive so it suits it well. I really recommend this product if you want a healthy and clean feeling to your face.
I also got this from Priceline for $15.99, or you can get it online from here https://www.priceline.com.au/skincare/face-care/masks-and-peels/deep-cleanse-facial-5-minute-thermal-detox-mask-100.0-ml

My third beauty favourite this month is something I think I have had for a while now but was never brave enough to wear it out. Its the Lime Crime Velvetines in the colour Wicked. It's such a bold colour that I was always so frightened to actually try it. This product has been raved about by many, but also slammed, but in case you couldn't tell by the fact that its in my favourites I loved it. The colour that it becomes after it dries and the silky, matte finish that it leaves has left me in love. It's long lasting, but can require some touch ups just to make sure it always looks its best, but overall such a great product.
I got mine from Princess Polly for $28.00 and you can get it online here: http://www.princesspolly.com.au/Wicked-Lip-Stain.aspx?p61559


This month I have two music favourites and I don't think I have reviewed or even mention either of them so that's new!

The first is the X Album by Ed Sheeran which was released this month. I loved the earlier music that this marvelous man made, but this album is so different to his old stuff and its so good! He went in a completely different direction with Sing and I loved that so it only made sense that I loved the new album as well. My favourite song at the moment (it seems to change a lot) is Nina, its so beautiful and this album is exactly the same.

My second music favourite this month is the newly release Let The Ocean Take Me album by The Amity Affliction. I did talk about the first two singles off this album, Pittsburgh and Let The Ocean Take Me. and then the album was released and I was that excited that I forgot to review the whole thing. It is an amazingly produced and sounding album that everyone has seemed to love. One thing that I think has hit everyone so hard is the phone call or message I should say, at the end of Never Alone. The first time I listened to it, it was something that was very hard to hear and I did see a lot of people agreeing with me on Twitter because people don't think about stuff like that until its hitting you right in the face Overall such a brilliant al bum by a brilliant band. 


I have three item of clothing that I have either worn a lot this month and have been loving or purchased this month and wanted to just wear every day.

Anyone who knows me, knows that my daily wardrobe consists mainly of band tshirts- so obviously there had to be one in my favourites. I ordered this shirt because the band has broken up and obviously I needed something to remind me of what a rad band they were, that and they put everything up fr sale of $5. It is a Wake The Giants band tee and its basically printed on Gildan and features WeTG in a floral print on the front and its the perfect tshirt to remember the band by.
I got this from their Big Cartel but since the band have obviously broken up they are no longer available, sorry :(

The second item of clothing I have been loving this month is a pair of leather-look, skinny jeans from Cotton On. They're super flexible and comfortable and look fabulous on just about everyone. I didn't purchase these, I think my mum and I cant seem to find the exact ones on the Cotton On website but there is so many different but similar style, I'm sure you could find one you like.

This last clothing item in my favourites is a lace, long sleeve crop from Dotti.I haven't actually worn this out yet because no where to go, but its such a perfect piece of clothing. Its creamy lacy all over and has a reasonably sized zipper adding to the detailing of the piece.
Once again I cant find this on the website, but they have heaps of really pretty clothes on their website and in store. 

TV & Movie 

This month I have been staying home a lot (what's new?) and TV and movies have been my main friend.

First off, I started watching the whole series of Gossip Girl all over again. I fell in love with Chuck Bass AGAIN. I'm procrastinating watching the last three episodes again because I don't think I want to relive the heartbreak of knowing there is no more episodes to watch.
My second TV favourite is of course Pretty Little Liars which returned recently which I was very excited about. I'm so happy that Ali is back and the only thing I need now is Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) to be back and Haleb to be a thing again and i will be 100% content.

My movie of the month is of course The Fault In Our Stars  I went and saw this in the movies with my sister (and a lot of tissues) and was SO happy with how much detail from the book they used in this movie. Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley make the absolute perfect AugustusWaters and Hazel Grace. It was the most beautiful adaptation of a book I have ever watched, and I (and the whole cinema) bawled their eyes out for so long, I definitely wasn't the only girl putting on some concealer before leaving the cinema, 


Three is apparently the number of the month because I have three books I have absolutely loved this month.

The first is The Intern by Gabrielle Tozer. The plot is basically that a nerdy, wannabe journalist interns at a high end fashion magazine, its basically the story of her trying to make it in a completely different world to what she is accustomed to and has the path to becoming a journalist, continuing uni and finding a boyfriend.

The second is How To Love by Katie Cotugno. I love, love, love this book so much. It deals with teenage pregnancy, a missing in action father, death and the return of love all in one! It is such a powerful and emotional book, that I recommend the anyone, its fabulous.

Lastly, is Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler. I think I have a thing for emotional books that bring all the feels because this one definitely did. This book is amazingly written and beautifully illustrated by Maira Kalman, its just an all around beautiful book that deserves to be read a million times over.

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