Protecting Your Fans: How Far Is Too Far?

There is a fine line between defending someone and taking it way too far, and it seems that Parker Cannon has left people wondering if he'e crossed it.

Warped Tour hit Montreal on the weekend, and with Warped Tour comes large amounts of security and over excited crowd surfers. One unfortunate crowd surfer obviously aggravated the wrong security guard who ruffed up the fan, who allegedly surfed over the barrier, before throwing his to the ground.
This is where The Story So Far come in. Seeing the mistreatment of a fan, Will Levy takes his guitar off in protest, while Parker jumps off the stage, both stopping their performance of their song Daughters. 
Obviously seeing his fists as the only way to handle this Parker punches the security guard square in the face, with a small scuffle to come as well, also involving Alan Day of Four Year Strong. It wasn't long before they were back on stage continuing their set, you can watch a video that a fan took during the incident below.

Warped Tour founder Kevin Lynch, tweeted that the festival was aware of and intended to investigate the incident. Although a investigation he sparked speculation that he was on Parker's side as far as anyone was concerned.
But what do you think? Was Parker in the wrong?

My Opinion. 
You didn't ask for my opinion but get what you get it anyway! I respect the TSSF boys for their music, and Will and Parker especially for their action they were taking against the security. Security did the absolute wrong thing, and Parker had the right to step in for someone who supports them, maybe the fist's weren't exactly necessary but in the heat of the moment with a set to quite a few fans to get back to what else are you going to do.
I say props to the TSSF boys for being some of the good guys.

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