Do I Still Go To School? | Q&A #1

A while ago now I answered some questions I had been sent on Tumblr, and from the time I published that post I've been getting some more on Tumblr, most anon that I'm going to answer now. I just want to say a quick thank you to the people that ask me these questions to go on these posts because people actually read this blog??? and want to talk to me??? This is a really weird concept for me to get my head around, so thank you!

Is it acceptable to go to gig's by yourself? 
Yeah man, sometimes I just prefer to go by myself, granted that it's kind of embarrassing/lonely when you're waiting in line to get into the gig, but once you get in there there's less to worry about. Like you're not going to worry about where you're friend is or if they can see. If you want to go by yourself then do it, you don't have any less fun then going with friends!

Do you still go to school?
The answer is sometimes, kind of? I do my work and stuff but over the computer and usually from home, its very rarely that I actually go the school, unless I have like assessments or exams or something where I'm physically required to attend.

Do you have a favourite online clothing store?Not really, I kind of just go through the ad's that pop up next to websites I'm on and if I see something I like i'll probably buy it. However, at the moment I have Misguided and Princess Polly both open because I plan on spending money tonight.

Do you have a boyfriend?No, haha.

What's the next gig you're going to?
The next gig I have tickets for is Reece Mastin at Astor, but if something comes up before that i'll probably end up going. Like I really want to go to Neck Deep and State Champs at HQ, and that's on the 3rd of September but I don't want to go to HQ by myself so I need someone to go with me.

Are you going to try for 5SOS Perth?
I wasn't sure if i was going to try for them, but in the end my love for Luke Hemmings prevailed and I ended up getting 001 tickets in the general sale!

Are you going to Amity!?!
I wanted to so much but it clashes with so many things I have on at that time, so it would be really hard to add that into the mix as well, if there happens to be someway around it eventually i'd love to go so much.

Do you like One Direction?
I used to be a little "Directioner" are they still called that? I mean they're musics okay, they're pretty cute and i'm seeing them in February so the answer is a little bit yeah I guess.

Last movie you watched?
Another Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez and Drew Seely in it. I mean seriously if Drew wasn't 32 now i'd probably be in love with him.

Why don't you have a set schedule for your posts?
I'm useless at having deadlines and keeping to set schedules and with school and work and stuff like that there's no way that I can promise a post will be up at a set time.

That's all the questions for now, my next q&a will be eventually, send you're questions to and I'll answer them next time :)