The Daily Struggles That Aren't Actually Important But Kinda Are.

I just realised that I think my titles are becoming as long as Fall Out Boy song titles, ah! Anyway I was going through my daily life and encountered the small daily struggles we all deal with that you cant really complain about but annoy you to no end! Here is a list of them because I have nothing better to do with my life at this present moment in life.

  • When you want to stalk someones instagram but you cannot remember their @ name, so you go through like seven peoples profile just to find one person. 
    This happened to me last night! I wanted to stalk a friends ex girlfriend because I had seen her out a few weeks ago and was interested in what she was up to now days, the problem being that I couldn't remember her username, and then as I discovered so many people I follow had unfollowed her. It took me like half an hour to find her and when I did it turned out she hadn't even posted for like three weeks- waste of time! 
  • When you're out in public and no one wants to talk to you so you're forced to sit and send tweets so it looks like you have friends. 
    Much, much worse when no one is actually replying to your tweets so really you are not actually talking to anyone. 
  • When you're walking out of a lingerie store and there's cute boys standing near the exit looking at you.And you don't know where the hell you are supposed to look, or walk for that matter so you kind of just smile and grab your phone like you have somewhere to be.
  • When you're taking a selfie and someone see's. How do you even come back from that! Like I see you laughing at me but can you not keep walking and let me get back to taking ,my selfies. 
  • When people retweet your old fangirl tweets.I'm talking tweets from three years ago, One Direction hardcore fangirling, 5SOS hardcore fangirling the lot. a. it is embarrassing. b. its really embarrassing. 
  • When you're about to get ready for bed and then you check the phone and its only 7pm.
    Like c'mon its dark outside, it should be so much later then it is, I don't care I'm going to bed.
  • When your favourite band announces they're coming to Australia and you get all excited, only to find out they're not coming to your city. 
    It's been happening to Perth SO much lately, but then spare a thought for Darwin and Hobart who get practically nothing.
  • When you're stalking someone on social media and you accidentally favourite/like something from a very long time ago. 
    Obviously stalking is supposed to be subtle and secretive, and half the time my stalking is not that, instead having to deal with the embarrassment of this happening and the person you're stalking finding out you're actually stalking them.
  • When you get unfollowed. Hi, do you not think I see that you just followed me, waited for me to follow you and then unfollowed me? I DID AND I UNFOLLOWED YOU ASWELL, sorry (not really) x
  • When people know exactly who you are but you have no idea who they are.
    This always happens to me at work and I stand there awkwardly smiling like "take the hint and leave the counter please" and they don't so you kind of just go along pretending you know who they are. 
  • When a snapchat is actually a video and you're in public. 
    Especially people being really loud, like I highly recommend not opening snapchats on packed trains at peak hour, just a thought. 

Do you have more you think would fit this list perfectly? Comment down below, tell me on twitter @lissagiedritis or tell me on tumblr I would love to know :)