What I've Learned From TV.

Television is a very popular past time in so many countries, and there is obviously SO many programs and shows to choose from that everyone is catered for. Except me, who seems to only want to watch particular TV shows, oops. I have made a list catagorised into the television shows that i'm talking about, about what I learned from these shows, so enjoy!


I have the box set of this and have watched it maybe twice this year alone, which means I obviously do love this show!

Lesson 1: First off, probably the most important through out the series, always wear a bra in public. Here's looking at you Rachel Green.
Lesson 2: Need more space in bed? Use the hug and roll technique. As demonstrated by Ross "hug for her, roll for you."
Lesson 3: Relationships are tricky things to understand, but if you know one thing being on a break doesn't mean you're broken up. If you happen to think it does and you sleep with someone, prepared to hear about it for a long, long time. 
Lesson 4: Oh you're getting married? Congratulations, but remember to say the right name at the alter. Save your dignity and relationship and remember that the person you're about to marry has a name and it would be wise to repeat the same name after the marriage celebrant. 
Lesson 5: A make-up letter is always sweet, and you really should read the entire thing, front and back. Even if it is eighteen pages long and you keep falling asleep, front and back!
Lesson 6: Oh you want whiter teeth, take it from Ross, stick to the recommended time usage. Taking glow in the dark to a whole new level. 
Lesson 7: Spray tanning is the best way to get a golden glow quickly, but when asked to count to three and turn, don't do it Mississippily. There is a "golden glow" and then there is oompa loompa orange, maybe stick to the golden glow. 
Lesson 8: Oh you went to Vegas, great! Unfortunately for you what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas, it follows you home. As Ross and Rachel found out a marriage in Vegas is actually legal and binding all over the world. 
Lesson 9: Feel like refurnishing your home, or perhaps you want new furniture for your new home, Friends showed us why you should measure your furniture before you buy, and when you're trying to get it in the door PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOT!. 
Lesson 10: 10 seasons of this show taught us that you can find love anywhere. Chandler and Monica were friends for a very long time before falling in love, Ross had loved Rachel since high school before Rachel finally felt the same way a long time later, Pheobe met Mike on a blind date set up Joey who met Mike in Central Perk simply by yelling out "Mike". And Joey, well Joey loved his friends and sandwiches.

Gossip Girl

Oh the world of the Upper East Side, the glitz, the glamour and the drama. What did the lives of trust fund babies and the infamous Gossip Girl teach us though?

Lesson 1: He's not in the popular group and your friends probably wont accept him? Who cares! Date outside your type! Serena took a chance and dated Dan, even though he was a nobody from Brooklyn, and eventually after A LOT of breaking up, making up and everything in between the final episode saw them getting married.
Lesson 2: It doesn't matter where you are or where you're going, the cafe down the road, bed, shopping, always dress to impress. The girls and guys of Gossip Girl looked sharp throughout the entire series, so why can't we?
Lesson 3: Happiness is something that you cant use your gold credit card to purchase but money can buy the next hottest outfit to enter your closet, and that's pretty close to happiness isn't it?
Lesson 4: You might want him, or her, but as Chuck and Blair proved you need to go for what you want in life before you go for who you want. Isn't following your own dreams more important?
Lesson 5: "overdressed" is not a thing, no event is a "casual affair" and bigger is always better. 
Lesson 6: Something shown throughout the whole series, if you're wealthy enough you can get away with anything. Lily Bass practically got away with putting an innocent man in jail for years, Chuck Bass got away with not helping his father when he was dangling over the side a building,
Lesson 7: At times Blair Waldorf can say some pretty bitchy things, but one think she definitely got right was that "Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse for waiting for things to happen, instead of making them happen"
Lesson 8: As Dan Humphrey, who went from Lonely Boy to Gossip Girl pointed out, you don't really know someone until you've walked in their shoes. Dan went from a nobody to basically controlling the Upper East Side behind the name of Gossip Girl, and no one knew at all.
Lesson 9: Its been said so many times before but Blair Waldorf called it out, tights are not pants. Tights are see-through and should be worn with dresses/skirts/over sized t-shirts, not as pants.
Lesson 10: The most important lesson the boys of Gossip Girl taught us talking in a husky voice automatically makes you VERY attractive. *cough* Chuck Bass *cough*

Geordie Shore 

The British version of Jersey Shore has provided me some entertainment since it first started, some valuable life lessons have been learned by all.

Lesson 1: As Charlotte has shown us, if you desperately need the toilet and you are unbelievable drunk you have two options pee in the sink, or if worse come to worse don't move and just lay on it. 
Lesson 2: Drunk night out? Get home and suddenly you're unbelievably angry there's only one thing to do! When your drunk the only way to take your anger out is to smash things, the phone box, the walls, a pole, you name it you can smash it.  
Lesson 3: As Ricki and Vicky showed every viewer, it's possible to fall in love in Geordie Shore on reality TV.
Lesson 4:Although as Ricki and Vicki also showed us, its almost impossible to remain in a relationship whilst on reality TV.
Lesson 5: Give it up for Scotty T and Gaz for showing us ladies that some guys out there do in fact turn pulling girls into a competition. 
Lesson 6: The girls proved that even when you're in the Swiss Alps and it's snowing it is still possible to wear six inch heels. 
Lesson 7: Geordie Tours proved to everyone that you can go to a foreign speaking country without knowing the language and still pull/get yourself drunk. 
Lesson 8: For some people, aka the Geordie Shore guys and girls, going to work can mean going on a bar crawl/getting drunk/pulling/massaging/fake tanning, you just never know. 
Lesson 9: The ladies of the house proved that for every situation there is a theme song to go with it.
Lesson 10: Being tanned, having long hair extensions, having fake nails-the works, is the Geordie Way.

So here you have it, three popular television shows that have provided some valuable life lessons!