This Or That? (Beauty)

I thought that after a pretty hard hitting last post, I should probably break it up a little and just do something a little bit fun! So I found this tag and I thought it was pretty fun so here we go!


blush or bronzer? Blush, I feel like in a rush bronzer isn't a necessity, but blush is essential really.
lip gloss or lipstick? I am a big lipstick girl, go big or go home.
eyeliner or mascara? Mascara always.
foundation or concealer? Foundation, its rare that you will see me without some kind of coverage.
neutral or colour eye shadow? Neutral but they have to be darker.
pressured or loose eye shadow? Pressured, loose has so much fallout I cant deal with it.
brushes or sponges? Brushes.

OPI or china glaze? OPI, so many pretty colours (heart eyes emoji)
long or short? I try to always opt for long but my natural nails are so hard to grow.
acrylic or natural? Acrylic most times.
brights or darks? Dark's because usually they'll match my mood.
flower or no flower? No way.


perfume or body splash? I don't even know what body splash is, so perfume.
lotion or body butter? Body butter is the greatest thing.
body wash or soap? Body wash that is scented ah yes!
lush or other bath company? Lush is so good, and then when you walk in the store its like 'can I live here?'

jeans or sweat pants? Jeans- ripped jeans.
long sleeve or short? Short sleeves- I like wearing bracelets.
dresses or skirts? Usually dresses- skirts are so hard for me to wear.
stripes or plaid? Plaid is my favourite pattern ever.
flip flops or sandals? I CANNOT stand flip flops, sandals all the way.
scarves or hats? I wear scarves so much, but if you try to put a hat on me I will cry.
studs or dangly earrings? studs, dangly ones are seriously so annoying with all their jingling and stuff.
heels or flats? flats- more casual and way easier to walk in.
cowboy boots or riding boots? ah cowboy boots I, just no eh.
jacket or hoodie? jackets with hoods!
(these next three were american/UK stores so I changed them to shops available in AUS)
General Pants or Dangerfield? General Pants!
Princess Polly or Beginning Boutique? I ily both to be honest.
City Beach or Live? Eh I don't really like either but Live have some pretty clothes I guess.


curly or straight? Straight, my hair is so hard to curl!
bun or ponytail? messy buns forever.
bobby pins or butterfly clips? Bobby pins- butterfly clips hurt my head???
hair spray or gel? spray- gel gets so stiff ew.
long or short? I always want my hair long, but at the moment I really want it cut short again.
light or dark? Medium, always have to be in the middle.
side swept bangs or full bangs? I have side swept bangs, full bangs make my face look funny.
up or down? Usually down, then I don't really have to brush it and it looks semi okay.


rain or shine? Rainy days are my favourite day ever.
summer or winter? winter- its so much easier to get warm then to get cool.
fall or spring? fall- because that's when my birthday is haha.
chocolate or vanilla? ha chocolate!

So here is my this or that tag post and I think everyone else should do it as well- mainly because I am nosy!