Northlane Auditions: The Best Of The Best

Since the announcement of front man, Adrian Fitipaldes departure from Northlane a mere few weeks ago the internet has been flooded with vocal auditions from around the world. Some auditions blew a huge audience of viewers away, while some came with great entertainment for those watching from home. Yesterday the band's Facebook put out a post identify those who had been shortlisted, just fourteen people from well of a thousand applicants. The fourteen who were on the shortlist all came with huge amounts of talent, but here is my picks of the bunch. You can see the full list of shortlisted applicants plus the links to their vocal auditions on the bands Facebook here:

I haven't done this list in any order, instead have watched the shortlisted applicants and based my judgements and such of basically what order I watched the videos.

Cade Armstrong-

Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Cade Armstrong did a near perfect cover of Dream Awake for you all to have a listen to. The boys of Northlane obviously liked it, as did a lot of people in the comments of Northlanes post, and I did too. Definatley in with a fighting chance with the amount of talent he showcases. You can also view his Quantum Flux audition piece here:

Michael Lawler-

From the big city of New York this Northlane vocalist hopeful brings everything you need in a vocalist and more. This guy has huge a following in the comments of the Facebook post, and you can see why in both his Quantum Flux audition linked above and his Dream Awake cover:

Marcus Bridge-

Sydney, Australia representative Marcus Bridge of Sound of Seasons, brings some killer clean vocals and as shown in his videos a huge amount of energy to the mix. His covers are something different to Northlane as it stands now, but could this be a different direction for the band to take their music in? You can see his Dream Awake cover linked above.

Aeden Cooper-

Lastly, but really not least in my picks is Adelaide, Australia resident Aeden Cooper. This guy is bascially whaat you would look for in the front man of your band, basically an all round great vocalist. Dream Awake cover is linked above, his Quantum Flux audition piece is linked here:

If I was a member of Northlane, which sadly I am not I would be on the lookout for an new frontman that isn't an almost exact replica of Adrian, I would want to differentiate the time period of Adrian and the almost new beginning for the band. But then again I am not musically talented enough (or at all) to be a auditioning for this role, let alone an already member of the band. I wish every shortlisted candidate the best of luck for everything, Northlane related and otherwise.