The Problems Of Being Pale

For quite some time now my skin has been the borderline of ghost like in colour, and unfortunately I am not exaggerating. I used to be all about fake tanning- but so much effort and money is involved that it was just something that I couldn't be bothered with at all. So for all of you lovely ladies out there (and guys?) who don't have these problems I thought i'd give them a mention, and all my fellow pale skinned creatures can unite over a mutual frustrations of these problems only we have to deal with.

1. Flash photography must be avoided at all costs. 
And don't even try and take a photo at night time, honestly bad idea for everyone.

2. No drugstore foundation is ever the right colour for us. 
You can look in my makeup area and honestly it is filled with quite a few drugstore foundations that used to fit me, and now look blatantly orange on me.

3. You don't tan, you burn. 
Leave the house for a few minutes and boom you're more red than white, which is a change from the norm but red isn't really my colour- and it hurts.

4. All lipstick is a bold lipstick. 
Black lipstick is pretty much out of the question and bright red's don't exactly blend in well either.

5. Multiple kinds of concealer are needed to conceal you're dark circles. 
It's never going to take just one concealer- they are that dark, and visible. 

6. Bruising very, very easily
Even pressing down on you're skin to hard will cause a bruise. I'm not joking my legs are currently covered with small bruises that I have no idea how they got there. 

7. Black makes you look goth. 

Black is pretty much my entire wardrobe is black so every time I get dressed I looked goth, not that I mind a; that much. 

8. Continuously being asked if you're unwell. 

"You look really unwell, do you think you need to go home?" is a question that you're asked regularly, and usually have to bite your tongue hard to not reply with a sarcastic remark. 

9. Bronzer just looks un-natural. 
It looks muddy and orange and doesn't look good. You usually have to start using a powder that is a few shades darker than you're normal skin tone. 

10. Leg showing season is a terrifying thought. 

And then when it actually comes around you hardly leave the house and then when you do you're very, very self conscious of your lily white legs. 

11. "Were you ginger and dyed your hair that colour?" 

No, no I wasn't. 

12. You don't blush, you go very red all over your face. 

Even worse when you exercise.