Wolf In The Woods Tour | Astor Theatre 12/09/2014

the lights changed colour while I was taking my panorama :(

To be completely honest I am not the biggest Reece Mastin and I can't really explain what was going through my head when I purchased the tickets to see him live in concert.. again. The last time I saw Reece live was when he hit Perth Arena with Justice Crew and The Janoskians for his Beautiful Nightmare Tour. You know you've lost some following when you go from Perth Arena to The Astor.

Lining up to get in the doors, its worth mentioning that the line was pretty decent for Astor, around the corner but the first thing I noticed when my sister and I lined up was how young everyone in front of us was. Average age of the crowd had to be no more than fourteen at the most.

Hailing from New York City. The Kin took to the stage as the support act. I got the whole techno vibe that they gave off, and wasn't really feeling it. On the other hand a lot of the screaming girls around me were obviously very impressed by their music and their appearances. Towards the end of their set the trio left the stage to use the unused space of the general admission of the theatre as their space. Interacting with fans happy enough to leave their spaces in the crowd to get up close and personal with the band, definitely a crowd pleaser. The Kin even managed to pull in some older ladies- while sitting in Dome having a coffee before the gig you couldn't not overhear two older ladies, brightly dressed and overexcited telling the barista that they were merely attending for The Kin and "leaving straight after." That however may have changed when the trio stated they would be sticking around for photos in the lobby after Reece's set?

Opening with the title track of the tour, Reece belted out Wolf In The Woods with backing vocals not only from Mahlia Barnes but also from his new guitarist Michael Paytner. Showing off an interesting hair style Reece gave the girls of the crowd what they wanted, rock and roll, fin times and eventually a look at the musician shirtless. The set list contained more than enough of new, unreleased material that hardly anyone in the crowd knew well enough to sing a long to, but also some old music that was easy enough to sing along with, including singles Shut Up And Kiss Me and Rock Star. After having run a competition on Instagram to find a lucky fan to join him on stage for a duet of his winners single from X-Factor, Good Night with a very talented young girl. Adding to the setlist some of his earlier covered songs including Stayin' Alive, concluding with Paradise City and enlisting the help of Michael Paytner to turn Michael Jackson's The Way You Make Me Feel into a duet. One also could get the feeling that Reece was either very in love with girlfriend, Rhiannon Fish, or was trying hard to make it up to her, not only dedicating his performance of Stars to the starlet but also performing some new material entitled "Rhiannon". 

Overall not the worst concert in history, but they new album set to be released soon will have to be A+ to persuade me to see him a fourth time live.