Collective Make-Up Haul: Higher End Brands.

I had my final assessments today before exams in two weeks and I should more then likely be starting my exam revision but it is a Friday now and I haven't uploaded in almost ten days so i'm going to do a yolo and blow off studying to show you guys some of my makeup purchases lately.
Side note: I do not use yolo on a day-to-day basis nor do I condone the use of the word <<some ridiculous emoji here>>

I was going to do this product by product but then this post would go on for a bit, so we are going to do it brand by brand, yay.

Starting off by one of my favourite brands at the moment, Napolean Perdis. First up, in no particular order is the Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer. This is now my favourite primer- I have so many others and yet I just continuously go back to this, it leaves your skin feeling so smooth for when you put your foundation on and then when it is on, it stays on forever! To go with my primer, I also purchased the Auto Pilot BBB Cream, and let me juts get one thing out of the way: this is the prettiest BB cream I have ever put on my face- I'm in love. It leaves your face with a beautiful and enough coverage to hide blemishes, but it is also light weight enough to leave you looking fresh faced and natural. For someone who doesn't wear a lot of eyeliner, I do seem to buy many, which is why I obviously had to pick up the Matte Eye Ink eyeliner. This liner makes it so easy to do your winged eyeliner, it applies so beautifully and better yet it dries matte! Finally, not makeup but still beauty I picked up the Marsh-mallow Foam Foaming Makeup Remover. Basically once the makeup artist in store used this on me- there was a need to have this in my life.

Lately I have also picked up a few things from Benefit Cosmetics simply because they seem to be taking over the makeup world. Another eyeliner- this time I picked up the They're Real Push Up Liner because everyone and their mothers is in love with this, trust me to be different and not be that fond of it. I just cannot work it on my eyelids- I have tried repeatedly to make it work and to be in love with it like everyone else but I just can't, sad face. Another cult favourite is the Hoola Bronzer that I put off buying for so long, and then I purchased it and my life was changed- well as much as a bronzer can change your life. I am beyond pale at the moment and this bronzer is so beautiful and doesn't look like dirt on my basically white face, big YAY. I am a big eyebrow person as the amount of eyebrow products coming up will tell you, so obviously it was a must that I try out the Gimme Brow, and I love it, obviously. I use it most on days where I feel like my eyebrows are to dark or I think don't look how I want them too, and this works great for them. It adds little fibers to your brows for a fuller effect, which is what everyone seems to be rocking this year. Lastly for Benefit I picked up the Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer. What sold me on this was the fact that it was industrial strength and at the moment I am rocking some pretty dark under eye circles (cheers insomnia, you rock) and needed something that was going to make them be gone, like now. I am happy to report that it definitely is industrial strength and if you don't have this in your life you need it.

I have three theBalm products to share with you and I pretty much have a strong attachment with them all. First off is a product that everyone loves, Mary-Lou Manizer. This is one of the best highlights in my collection, you can build the highlight or you can simply leave it as a subtle sheen and it is beautiful. I am not a huge blush person but I saw the Frat Boy Blush and was like "what the hell, why not!" In the pack it looks a bit scary, but on the cheeks it leaves a subtle rosy red cheeks glow that works so well with any look. Lastly I picked up the Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer. This works so well, your eye makeup will not budge or smudge (yay rhyming) all day and well into the night if you need it too. Also, how good is the theBalm's product names and packaging, in love!

I only picked up one thing from MAC, actually I think I ordered it online (so much effort to go to a counter in the city oops). I purchased the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation after putting it off for so long, simply because I wasn't sure if the brand was over-hyped or what, but now that basically every makeup store in Australia is putting their prices down for good, I was like oh why not! The only thing  I don't like about this foundation is the smell of it it when you're first putting it on your face, it honestly smells like you're paining your face with wall paint and that it doesn't come with a pump, it is nearly 2015 people put pumps on your foundation. Other than that I seriously rate this foundation, it leaves a medium coverage on my skin and hides my blemishes so well.

From Laura Mercier I went for their Gel Brow Definer. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this or not, but it was like $35 and that really is not a lot for a Laura Mercier product, lets be real. I use this product mainly to create the line for the bottom of my brow because I find it pretty hard to blend it out into the rest of the brow without having to paint it on and make it look ridiculous. It is definitely a good quality product but hard to use.  

Keeping with the brow theme I finally picked up the Dip Brow Pomade  from Anastasia Beverly Hills. And I'll be honest here when I first tried it, I hated it. I couldn't get the hang of using it at all, it was just a constant struggle. So naturally, I turned to YouTube in my crisis and went in search of a tutorial that would help me learn to love my new product. After watching quite a few I had gathered that maybe I was using too much product on my brush- a little goes A LONG way with this product! In the end I do have a deep connection with this eyebrow gel, it is my go to at the moment.

Lastly but not least, my newest purchase this week is from Yves Saint Laurent. This is my first purchase from YSL, lacking I know, so I went for something that I knew would be trusty- a lipstick! I purchased the Rouge Volupte` Lipstick in colour #9 called Pink Caress. I have so, so much love for this product, honestly I have no idea how I have functioned without YSL in my life up until now. 

This is my makeup haul as of late I'm sure there will be anther one soon without the amount of money I spend on makeup. I also think I said the word "love" way too many times in this post so excuse that and have a brilliant week my loves. (oh my God there we go again with the "loves")

BY THE WAY: this post just keeps getting longer! The book in the photos is by poet Beau Taplin, who is extremely talented at what he does, he has just released his fourth book and today is his birthday! (Happy Birthday lovely) So go pick up his books here, you will not regret it.

Finally the end is in sight.