How To Make Off Day's Better.

Today is an off day, you know those days when you're just in a bad mood, everything is horrible and you just want to stay in bed all day. All of which is occurring today, currently it is nearly one o'clock in the afternoon and I haven't left the softness of my bed except to get a snack (food is always essential on off days). I don't know why I say "day" when this has really being going on for more than a day, and probably won't stop when the clock hits 12:00am later tonight. Honestly when I become like this its pretty hard for me to lift myself out of the mood, however there is I guess a few things that improve my mood slightly- even if just for a little while. So as a quick little tip giving post (and a way for me to make sure today wasn't totally unproductive) I wanted to give a small list of some of thee best ways I find to improve my mood- some might work for a few hours, some even less and if you know how to improve a mood forever then please share because I have work tomorrow and at this rate its not going to be very fun.

The first thing I've learnt not to do is "try and figure out whats wrong" because 99% of the time there isn't a single, individual thing that is making me feel like this, instead it is a bunch of different things combined together and thinking about it all collectively doesn't make it better, it makes it a hell of a lot worse, so rule that out, immediately.

Something that makes me stop thinking for a while is watching a funny/scary movie or reading a book. Delving yourself into a a world that isn't your own, getting lost in the emotions and feelings of fictional characters, watching how their lives are panning out and feeling like somehow you are part of the story. Some recommendations for movies and TV that I would give would probably be Silver Linings Playbook and Friends With Benefits as movies and, New Girl and Geordie Shore for TV. As for books Paper Towns by John Green and Lost And Found by Brooke Davis.

To make yourself feel a whole lot better head to the bathroom and spend a good long time in the bath, using a bath bomb would work as well. A good idea would be too take your laptop along with you, some scented candles or maybe even some relaxing music, whatever its your bath, do what you want.

Take to the bed, simply put yourself into bed and sleep, or lie in your bed not doing anything. Taking to the bed is my most commonly used method of getting myself to feel better- sleeping it off and not leaving for quite a while.

Cuddly animals are good to cuddle when you're feeling down, hugs with a your pet. My cat is sometimes affectionate, sometimes completely vicious and if shes affectionate i am up for cuddles with her, if not I avoid her at all costs and let her do her own thing.

Only recently did I decide that doing exercise is something the helps improve my mood a little. I find that hardcore workouts where you let out your frustrations and anger through grueling workouts work very well. But then again if you just want to feel a little letter about yourself in general, light workouts work brilliantly.

To avoid posting something our regret later on and avoid making yourself feel worse.Sign out of all social media. Seriously bad moods are made so much worse by social media and everything that floats around on there, social media is toxic and avoiding it when you;re already feeling pretty shitty is the best option you have.

My last piece of advice that I can give is it might not feel like it but it will get better. It is so hard to feel like it will get better (trust me I know) but eventually a light will shine at the end of the tunnel, hopefully sooner rather then later.

Love, Elyssa xx