My Online Shopping Tips & Favourite Websites

Summer is fast approaching in Australia and this is the time where I freak out about the fact that a lot of my last years summer clothes no longer fit me (yay for losing weight! woop woop!). I also know that I am not the only one who wants a new wardrobe for summer, and with online shopping an easily accessible way for people to shop, I wanted to share some of my tips I use for online shopping and some great websites I also use. 

My Online Shopping Tips.

  1. My first tip is to look at reviews of everything. See what other people had to say about the website itself, its shipping, and obviously the actual products you want to buy. If more people have had bad experiences with a store then good, it would probably be wise to learn from their mistakes and steer clear.
  2. The second tip integrates with the first but who cares, use websites that are known and trusted. I seem to find my shopping websites via social media, usually Instagram and YouTube and in that case someone I follow has had a successful meeting with the store. The more popular and well known that the store is the more likely you are to be happy with the package that ends up on your doorstep. 
  3. If the deal is to good to be true, it probably is. Don't be fooled by extremely low prices thinking you are getting an amazing deal because you're shopping online. When it comes to stuff you have to question the quality and legitimacy of the product, you even need to think about whether the supplier could be getting these products illegally. Do some research, if its significantly below the RRP (recommended retail price) avoid it, better safe then sorry. 
  4. When it comes to shipping it is always best to read the shipping terms and conditions. A lot of places will offer you an express shipping option (good for impatient people, ie. me) but that means its express posted once they leave the warehouse, which might not be for several days. Something that is also ideal during postage is insurance and a tracking service. 
  5. When it comes to going through the check out, my best advice is to use an online payment service. Whenever I can I use PayPal to pay for things online for that little bit more a piece of mind as PayPal doesn't reveal your credit details and it also monitors for suspicious activity.

My Favourite Online Websites.

  1. For higher end makeup, skin care and hair care online I use Adore Beauty so much! I will usually place my orders on Sunday night, its sent out Monday and by Wednesday its in my mail box. They have excellent customer service and every product I have received so far has been in tact and exactly how it is supposed to be. They have promo codes often and as well as that if you spend over $35 in a transaction (which is not hard at all) they'll send you three free samples! 100% recomend this website for great brands including Laura Mercier, Benefit Cosmetics, Yves Saint Laurent and Napolean Perdis. 

  2. Everyone and their mothers shops at ASOS but i'm going to throw it anyway, simply because I love it. During my first purchase I was a little nervous because as I said i'm very impatient and the express option wasn't available to me, and coming from the UK I was so worried about how long it would take to get here. But my package arrived in less then a week if I remember correctly! Everything from ASOS is top quality, with brands of clothing including Cheap Monday, American Apparel and Finders Keepers. As well has high end beauty and jewelry, where could you go wrong?

  3. Showpo sells some of the clothing I have ever seen, with nothing over probably $70. In the sale section you will always find a great bargain and every product I have ever received from the website has been amazing quality. From dresses, tops, skirts, skorts and shorts to sleepwear, outerwear and accessories, Showpo is a definite must look for all you fashionable girls who have more of a budget to stick too, even better they have free express shipping so that outfit you need for the weekend will be with you sooner!

  4. One of my favourite Australian fashion boutiques also with free express shipping! Beginning Boutique has a huge range of beautiful products with brands such as Lipstik Shoes, Unif and even Lime Crime. Their products range from chic and casual to downright glamorous, the perfect selection for anyone.

  5. I first visited Princess Polly in Claremont in Perth and felt like I was in actual heaven, even more so when I went home and looked on their website! Their products are probably edging towards the more expensive side but it is totally okay because everything they send out is amazing quality. Featuring brands such as Faith & Lola, Free People and Made, this website is where you would find that outfit that you've wanted but couldn't quite find where to buy it and put it together. 
So here is my top five tips for online shopping and top five online shopping websites, let me know what your favourite websites to but clothes from, I think I need to spend more money, hehe.