My Thoughts While Watching The Good Girls Video

Today Aussie pop-punk band, 5 Seconds Of Summer released their music video for their next single Good Girls. Before I start this whole post let me just say this: I in know way (twitter or otherwise thank you very much) have said that I didn't like the song itself, the only thing I think I have ever said about it was that the live versions that we all listened to before the album was released with the studio version- I feel like the live versions were so much more edgier and therefore I liked them a little bit more than the edited, studio version. ~end of rant aimed at people who like to cause trouble~
Something else that I noticed while I was scrolling through my Facebook today is that a lot of people were comparing this video to that of Blink 182's Feeling This video- lets just say this, it is pretty similar but not exact, and Blink are practically the Godfathers of pop-punk every band that wants to make it in a pop-punk scene practically idolises Blink, who wouldn't wanna do something similar?

Anyway on to the actual post, heres a few things I found myself thinking about while watching the Good Girls video- which in case you haven't seen (doubt it) you can find here:

  • oh my god 4/4 in ties, this must be good. 
  • "your classical style of music will help soothe the girls here" I'm sure they can think of more ways to soothe the girls there (winky face emoji)
  • "a good girl is like sweet lemonade on a hot day" what the hell are you talking about Luke, (I still don't understand someone help a sister out)
  • Calum what is going on with your hair bro
  • What the hell are you wearing on your head Ashton, is that a beret???
  • Has Calum got a different accent?
  • Calum: *says something about "you feel the warm embrace"* Me: *scoffs* 
  • WHOA MAN (heart eyes emoji repeatedly)
  • Michaels facial expressions though, ffs
  • backwards facing snapback Calum.. not bad, not bad (strokes invisible beard)
  • yes you take those shirts off, you do that
  • well Luke got whiter
  • I like his shirt though
  • and hair 
  • and him
  • oop there's the leg thing
  • why have they got books on their head, wtf is going on
  • oh there's a head shake too
  • Michael and Luke are seriously so white, get some sun what the hell (this is so hypocritical of me, I'm probably as pale as them and refuse to leave the house and go in the sun oops)
  • Oh she has nice hair
  • whoa Calum don't strain yourself bro
  • imagine if that drumstick move didn't work our and hit Ashton though
  • Michael what is going on with those facials man (yet another heart eyes emoji)
  • this looks like prison, isn't that like illegal?
  • yes because you would really stop and start a mosh pit in front of them, I don't see security I'd be all up in their grilllllll
  • wow those lights are hurting my head 
  • CALUM 
  • Luke's outfit is pretty much on point
  • most attractive mugshots i've seen in a while
  • are his eyebrows filled in (this was directed at Luke haha, that boy has pretty stong brow game)
  • ha ha that girl almost got her eye taken out by the chick in front of hers hair
  • I liked Michaels hair like this, petition to bring this hair back please
  • how long ago was this filmed what the hell
  • why cant I ride a segway.
Really, this was a bit of a fun post, and I'm going to assume that most girls that watched the video had some pretty similar thoughts to me!