Rant: Northlane Featuring New Vocalist

This post is more or less me ranting about how inconsiderate and rude people can be (any surprises there?), but there is a point to it. I got the inspiration for this post as I scrolled through SO DAMN MANY posts hating on Marcus Bridge, who may or may not have outed himself as Northlane's new vocalist (this is unconfirmed, but there was a lot of speculation after he posted a Instagram photo, I'm sure you know the story as it is all over social media.) There was a lot of speculation that Marcus, the front man of Sydney band, Sound Of Seasons was set to become Adrian's replacement when Aeden Cooper, Cade Armstrong and Michael Lawler confirmed via their Facebooks they weren't successful with their auditions, ruling out most of the fans favourites.

After today's almost confirmation that Marcus had joined the band, it was as if every person who had ever listened to a Northlane song once in their life, scooted on over to the Northlane Facebook page were quick to jump on the bandwagon and voice their opinion. Lets just keep in mind that at this present time it hasn't been confirmed by the band, or by Marcus of the new line up- everyone seems very sure though. The band have said on numerous occasions that they wont be introducing the world to their new vocalist until they are set to release their first single without Adrian, entitled Rot. They explained this with not wanting their fans to judge their new vocalist before they had a chance to showcase his musical talents.

Alright lets rant, I scrolled through numerous Northlane posts and their comments and I was so annoyed at how many people who are so sure that Marcus is in the band now were commenting rude things about the guy and the band. It is great that you have an opinion, brilliant even, but when you start trying to shove it down other peoples throats is when it is not okay. There was quite a few comments from people praising the alleged choice, but then there was wads of people being downright rude and obnoxious. I read comments of people saying they were disappointed with the band for choosing someone who only did cleans, there was comments saying that the band were once in their top three and were no longer, as well as these there was so many disgusting comments in regards to Marcus and his musical talents,, (which by the way are freaking exceptional.)

First of all, I would like to say that it is not okay to reply to someone else's comment and attempt at starting an argument simply because they didn't share you're opinion. People are allowed to like different things to you, they are allowed to have their own opinion that doesn't follow yours, you have no place in being a rude idiot to someone you don't know from behind a computer screen because they like something different to you. You would think that a message as clear and simple as that would sink in so easily, but by the amount of people I saw doing it, apparently you can be a, quite plainly a dickhead no matter how mature you appear to be.

A Facebook post from the Official Northalane page defending themselves.
Secondly, you have not (you hear that have not) heard the new vocalist play with this band. This is such an important point. If it is Marcus: you are completely judging him from a few audition videos and maybe a live performance or two with his previous bands. However, you have not heard his vocals with Northlane. In regards to Rot the band commented that it was one of their heaviest releases to date, does that not say something to you!? It is true that he has brilliant clean vocals, but he can also do the heavier vocals just as well, and you have nothing to justify you're shit comments in regard to his talent because lets face it, you're jumping the gun by a lot.

Thirdly, the band doesn't have to justify or defend their decisions to anyone. The band have made their decision based upon what is best for them and a few rude comments from "fans" isn't going to make them turn around to the new vocalist and say "sorry mate our fans don't like you even though they haven't heard you actually in the band, we have to go in another direction." You are either a fan of the music and the band, regardless of if their vocalist is Adrian, Marcus or someone entirely different or you are not and it really is as simple as that.

Comments that have a main focus off putting someone down are really not needed, and neither is trying to change ones opinion simply because it doesn't fit yours.