Real Talk: Snapchat Hacked

So Snapchat saving program SnapSave was hacked and all your 10 seconds before vanishing into thin air snaps are at risk of being shown to the whole world, cue everyone freaking out. I, however could not care less, if my Snapchat was one of the ones effected the only thing you're going to find is a few hundred less than flattering selfies (twitter has probably seen them all already) and a couple of Snapchats from gig's I've been too, that is honestly it. The rest of the population has other pictures on their brains- knowing they've sent the odd nude picture or two, they're worried that these are all going to end up online. Last month dozens of celebrities saw the downside of a nude photo leak, and maybe its the general public's turn to have their private photos broadcast for everyone too see.

But lets be completely real here- when you're sending a nude photo to someone, there must be something in the back of you're mind that say's "its going to get out, there is a chance that its going to be leaked." I think celebrities have an increased risk to the general population of their private photos being broadcast across many forms of social media, and some handle a situation like that well (cough, Calum Hood and "at least you know what it looks now" tweet after his nudes were posted on vine, cough). Some however don't handle their "invasion of privacy" well. I'm going to completely honest here- if you don't want the whole world seeing you naked, don't send the photos in the first place, it is really that simple.

There are a few rules that come about when this sort of situation occurs, and I'm going to give them too you straight and simple.
  1. If you NEED too (which you totally don't but whatever) send naked photos- do it with grace. ie. please do not send them to famous people you want a twitter follow from, seriously I have seen this happen. 
  2. The internet is FOREVER, once this type of thing is out, its out forever and there is 100% no way that you can ever backtrack and erase this type of thing for peoples mind (unless you are a certain Hermione Granger in Harry Potter). 
  3. Saying "no screenshots, promise?" To someone before you send a Snapchat of your privates basically means nothing. There are apps that will save a snapchat without the sender knowing about it, they can record it on another device,                                                                 ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.
Basically the moral of this post is: don't send you're private pictures and not be prepared for the wrath you will face if they happen to be posted all over the internet, yes kids, hackers are that ruthless, (so are some fangirls).

Now it's you're turn, debate me on this topic or agree with me or whatever, in the comments, on tumblr (, tell me on twitter (@lissagiedraitis), Instagram (@elyssajane_) whatever.