8 Trends That Need To Stop Existing

By now it is quite apparent I'm very against the whole mainstream side of things and would rather be more of an individual and unique than anything- wouldn't you?
So I have compiled a list of trends that are currently doing the rounds- in both fashion and social media that a use of need to really be stopped for obvious reasons really. 

  • The use of the word "bae". I cry when I see this word used, I am even having some trouble expressing my hatred towards this word. Some say its an abbreviation for before anyone else, some say its a shortened word for baby or babe- whatever it means, please stop.
  • Pineapple print.
    Take a walk through you're local shopping center and nine out of ten clothing shops with feature at least one item with pineapples all over it. What is the attraction off pineapples? Is the next big thing going to be banana print?
  • Drop crotch pants. 
    Basically you look like you are wearing a nappy. This trend was bad when the Biebz wore it constantly, however it took over worldwide and now its everywhere- gals and guys are wearing these pants and looking they need their nappy changed pronto.
  • Ugg boots.
    They've been around forever, I know and I even have a pair but I have never, ever (emphasis on the ever) worn them outside of the house. They are not acceptable footwear for the shopping centre, a restaurant- anywhere that is not your bedroom.
  • Leather jogging pants.
    Please, please, please tell me people do not actually where these to work out, and if you do- how?!? How does that even work?! Leather- even faux leather is so constricting, I don't understand,
  • Not dressing for the season. 
    Winter has just passed here in Australia and I no joke would see some girls wearing a crop top and mini shorts when it was absolutely freezing, like obviously that beanie barely staying on you're head and ugg boots (!!!!) covering you're feet aren't providing you with much warmth.
  • Having a "side chick."
    I wasn't even aware this was a trend until I saw a few vines on the topic- lets be real here if you have more than one girlfriend/boyfriend/sexual partner/whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it you need to stop being a pig and leave some for the rest of us.
  • Instagramming you're face more than once a week. 
    Trust me once is enough, I don't need an hourly reminder that you are pretty and very confident, once a day is more than enough.