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Usually a new album/single will be released and you can expect full track-by-track first impressions review on it on this blog within a few days. Lately a whole lot of new music has been released and instead of over-powering the blog with multiple music posts I have held off until now to do a music post collectively. Instead of full album reviews however, I'm basically going to outline you my favourite songs from the albums or EP's or singles that have been released in the last few weeks, just for a change.

First up lets start with an absolute killer of an album, Taylor Swift hit the nail on the head yet again with her October 27 release of the much anticipated album 1989. Leaving her country genre behind and heading in the mainstream pop direction- which totally worked for her. As an album the production and the musical side of things such as the the lyrics and songwriting are consistently solid from beginning to end. You know those albums when you're only a few songs in on you're first listening and you just know that it is going to be highly rotated on your iTunes for quite a while yet? This was one of those albums, it was like instant love. As for my favourite songs from the album- it was hard but I narrowed it down to three, the first being New Romantics, the second being Bad Blood, and lastly I Know Places. If you want a feel of these album before committing to the full thing, I highly recommend checking these ones out first, or even Style, I'm not sure but I think I love them all too much. One thing I can for sure tell you about this album- it's a banger to sing in the shower, you know if you're into that.

Lets move on from T-Swift before I completely over do it and show my adoration for her. The second I want to talk about is the new Foo Fighters album, Sonic Highways. (I know, I know, bit of a leap from Taylor Swift to Foo Fights, but what can you do about it? My music taste varies quite a lot.) This album was released on the 10th of November, so only a few days ago, and boy was it a welcomed release. With songs influenced from eight U.S cities and their musical backgrounds there was speculation into the direction the sound of their first album post-hiatus. All the songs have an average of around five minutes each- which is a pretty long time for me to stay interested in one thing, and yet the almost twenty year old rock band some how managed the almost impossible. A lot of reviews that I read about the album focused more so on that the songs didn't represent the cities and their musical backgrounds, but to be honest here I can completely overlook that with the fact that collectively the album is made up of brilliant songs. My favourites, this time I could narrow to two (are you surprised?) and they would have to be Congregation which was recorded in Nashville, and Subterranean- which most people reported to have not liked (why???). Overall the Foo Fighters are still and probably will be for a while yet be a brilliant rock band.

I didn't realise how over the place my music taste was until I actually sat down to write this post and looking at it now, its rather funny because now we're jumping to One Direction and their fourth studio album, entitled Four (how fitting.) I wasn't sure if I really would like this album or not since I have been departed from the whole 1D fan girl thing for quite a long time, but seeing as how I am actually seeing them in February I knew I had to give it a chance. I'll be honest in saying that I was really impressed by their single Steal My Girl, they really have changed their sound since their first album Up All Night and created a sound that is uniquely theirs and that is evident in this album. I'm not completely sold on all songs yet- but it has only been released for a few days, give it time. Girl Almighty is a good one to have a dance along to, and 18 which was written by the one and only Ed Sheeran is also another favourite of mine. As I said, a few more listens will be needed before my mind is completely set on which I like and which I don't like, but overall its a quite a strong album, I'd say.

In a kind of related matter too One Direction, lets discuss (it's not really discussing is it, merely me telling you my opinion but never mind that) the recently released Good Girls EP from 5 Seconds Of Summer. Featuring four tracks including the single version of Good Girls, a previously unreleased Just Saying, an acoustic version for Long Way Home and finally the live version of Good Girls. I'm going to put it out there right now, I rate the live version of Good Girls from iTunes Festival over the recorded version, but that is just my opinion (obviously.) I like the lack of auto-tune and added in effects in the live version, I much prefer it honestly. Just Saying had a different sound from what I was expecting from the Instagram "sneak peaks" that were posted on the bands account- not necessarily in a bad way. It's a very catchy song, then again most of theirs are, aren't they? Finally the acoustic of Long Way Home isn't as "acoustic" as I was hoping for but then again, what can you do about that, not a lot really. I do, however like it quite a lot, even though its not completely "raw" (was that the right word, probably not.) it did have a quality sound, and I guess when you are gaining popularity at an increasingly rapid rate that is what you need. My favourite from this EP would once again have to probably be the live Good Girls for the reasons stated above. (I can't be bother with repetition, sorry.)

Who doesn't love a Punk Goes Pop album, I mean seriously! Back with their sixth volume album and an array of bands and artist covering some of the biggest pop songs from the past two years, what more could you want?! To be honest it wasn't as ""punk"" as it used to be, but it added a completely different spin to some quality songs. I'm going to jump straight into my favourites because I'm practically bursting with love for some of these. First up is Ain't It Fun recorded by Tyler Carter, featuring Luke Holland. This was pre-released before the album was available and it. is. brilliant. period. Paramore had already given it an "edgier" sound when they released it, and then to have these two take the song and add something new to it, gave the song a new life. I was kind of over it after a while with Paramore, but this provided a new found love which I am still not sick of. Another of my personal favourites from the album is Ariana Grandes hit, Problem transformed by Set It Off. The band even found a way to work in some lyrics from TLC's hit No Scrubs, I would definitely put the punk version over the pop any day (sorry, not sorry.) Thirdly I'm going to have to say I love Knuckle Puck and their version of Chocolate. They have made the song still identifiable as The 1975, but completely transformed it into something that is edgier and somewhat easier to comprehend. Honourable mentions from this album must go to Stay The Night performed by State Champs, as well as  Turn Down For What performed by Upon A Burning Body featuring Ice-T.

So long, For Our Hero, hello The Native Architects, this week the Melbourne band, renamed and with a new sound released their debut single, Animals. I'm not going to lie I was skeptical about the new sound of the band- until I heard this single and the only thing I saw was heart eyes (that's not actually possible, but you get the idea.) It is rather different from the sound of what they used to be and the new sound is something that they have totally owned as a band. I can't even think of something to compare it too, it's unique and that is what is attractive about it. As usual we at The Introvert Archive like to support local Aussie bands (ie. as if you didn't know the bands above and already have them in you're library), so here is your chance to broaden your music horizons with The Native Architects, their links are below, enjoy! (Animals is available on iTunes, just you know by the way hint, hint.)
Youtube video for Animals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoJac3pqk_M
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenativearchitects?fref=ts
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thenativearchs

Lets wrap this post up with one more mention of an Aussie band, The Chase who are a new band from Adelaide. They've got two songs on their band camp, that I will link below and one listen to them and you will be behind them 100%. Hopes And Fears i'm going to say would be my favourite, but they are both equally as brilliant.
Youtube: http://youtube.com/thechaseadelaide
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thechaseau
Bandcamp: http://thechaseau.bandcamp.com/

This post actually turned out to be pretty long, hopefully making up for the lack of music posts lately.