Real Talk: Reality TV Backlash

All of those who like to watch at least one reality TV show religiously say "I". How many of you said I? It's alright, so did I, (Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Geordie Shore represent). Obviously TV is one of the most popular past times in the civilised world and reality programs dominate almost every channel available, there is something entertaining about watching almost normal people doing almost normal things. Australia produces its fair share of reality TV- The Block, My Kitchen Rules, X-Factor the list goes on. Recently however there has been endless amounts of controversy surrounding Big Brother Australia and The Bachelor Australia- not that I actually paid constant attention to either of them, oops. All the drama and controversy got me thinking, does anything good come from reality television?

Blake Garvey proposes to Sam Frost on the love show.
The proposal to a short lived engagement.
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The Bachelor is still making the headlines even though it finished up on the 2nd of October (it is not November and Australia still doesn't have anything better to talk about). Cabbage patch doll collecting, bachelor Blake Garvey from Perth got some brownie points from viewers (probably more so of the female variety) when he proposed during the finale, with one hell of a rock AND in South Africa to bachelorette Sam Frost. It didn't take too much time for him to then lose those points- and maybe some respect when it was revealed that just a few weeks before the airing of the finale Blake pulled the plug on his engagement- to find himself in the comforting arms of second runner up Louise Pillige. Now there is so much media swirling around- 'rivalry' between Louise and Sam, hatred between Sam and Blake, did she get to keep the ring? 

Steamy pash ... Lawson and Cat make out in the bedroom and declare their love for each ot
thats not you're girlfriend Lawson?
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Let move on to Big Brother: Lawson and Cat; those kisses, and THAT tearful apology in the diary room. On reality television it is kind of a given that at least two of the players are going to hook up- its almost inevitable, which is expected. Lawson and Cat caused quite a lot of controversy- because this situation has come along, all while Lawson is (still?) in a long term relationship with Candice Leeder- who has been watching the scenes unfold from in front of her TV back in Perth. Let's all take a second to feel for the poor girl that found out her boyfriend of  had cheated on her at the exact same time that the rest of the country did, (or three hours behind the eastern states, damn time zones). She quickly went to ground, deleting multiple social networking sites and asking for privacy (which should have been a given really.) 

Lets look at this realistically- reality TV needs to have drama and controversy to keep its ratings up and its viewers entertained. When you click submit on that form to enter yourself as willing to be a contestant on one of these TV shows you think you know what you're getting yourself into- but do you really? Do you know that you could potentially have yourself labelled a douche bag by every media platform available (this was also helped by Sam's comments about Blake, deservedly.) Do you consider that really you could hurt the people you care about more than you hurt yourself? 
No because people are merely chasing their 15 seconds of fame and the chance to be seen by millions of people world wide.