Tear-Jerking Reads

Who doesn't love a good post about my favourite books lately?! I really do. I am one of those people who has way too many books on the go at once- here we go again with the indecisiveness. Today I have a few of my favourite books (and a funky pink cactus in the photos) to share with you! I settled on making this post about the four books that have provoked the most tears (or some at least)- and I'm not an overly emotional person so it is obviously saying something.

Lets start with perhaps the most obvious from my picks, The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Honestly though I am not sure that there is one person out there who hasn't either read the book, watched the movie or had an emotional account of the whole book from a friend or family member. This book is one of the most heart wrenching books I have ever read, you go through the whole book expecting death but when it really does come you feel like you have been whacked in the face with a shovel, one or two times. The center of this book is basically cancer,the effects of cancer, the victims of cancer, the devastation of everything to do with the life-taking disease. There are so many feelings that you will encounter while reading this book, happiness, anger, frustration, optimistic, miserable and then all at once you feel a certain kind of peace within the book. John Green is a very talented author and this showcases his talents- to be able to make someone feel all of those things in the space of 336 pages is something truly remarkable.

Continuing along the line of John Green and his brilliant books, lets talk about Looking For Alaska. This book will rip you're heart out and then allow something really, really heavy (thinking along the lines of an Army tank, REALLY heavy). The books start off with a Before section, you spend the whole time wondering what happens for that transition to After. But, om my gosh when you get to that critical last chapter of the Before if you do not find yourself welling up, then there is seriously something robotic going on inside you. Much like The Fault In Our Stars, John Green brings a range of feelings to the surface, all of which stand and demand to be felt.

I originally picked up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn because I had heard rave reviews about the movie, so obviously before I could think about watching the movie, there was a book to be read. This book captivated me from the get go- I was intently wrapped up in the story, making it almost impossible to put down. Crime/thriller books are not particularly my thing (can you tell by the rest of my books in this post?) I was completely pulled into the story line and the reality of it. The first part of the book is told from both Amy and Nick's views, and they depicted their lives as completely different situations and you fall into the trap of what is being told to you. AND THEN everything gets well and truly messy when all is revealed. I got to the end of this book and had to take a breather wondering what the hell I had just read and how wrong I was from the moment I began reading the book.

Finally, I think I might have briefly discussed this a few posts back during a favourites, possibly? Regardless, I'm going to tell you about it again, because it is such a brilliant book. The book I'm talking about is Lost & Found by Brooke Davis. I flipped to the first page of this book with no idea about what I was supposed to expect within the next pages. What I found was an array of well-written word detailing the beautiful accounts of three people who lost and needed to be found. The book has an array of themes in it, loss and grief being the most prominent really, but there is also love, friendship and some loneliness thrown in the mix as well.

Here we have it, four of my all time favourite books that I would recommend to almost anyone.