3 Product Haul: Mecca Maxima

Anyone from Perth will be aware that Lakeside Joondalup recently got itself some upgrades,and I have to say, I could spend a lot of money in that shopping centre if I had less self-control then I already lack. From a new Myer to Bardot, Witchery and a Nike store, the shopping centre has definitely re-created itself into something I will probably spend a hell of a lot of time in.

If you have enough self control to walk past the new Mecca Maxima in Lakeside, I applaud you, you are by far a better woman then I. Yesterday I went into the store for the second time and through some self control (and an impatient sister waiting for me) I managed to only buy two items, and today I thought I would pair that along with my purchase from my first visit to the store to create this three product haul.

The first product I brought from the store was a repurchase of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Obviously if I hadn't like the concealer the first time around, I wouldn't have bothered with buying it again, with that said, I love, love, love this product! I am in the colour Light 2, Vanilla (you know, in case you were wondering about that) and it works well because as a quite pale person I don't use a concealer to highlight under my eyes on an everyday basis. Instead I do use my concealer to conceal blemishes and the very dark circles under my eyes, that have decided they'll be sticking around for a while. This is the perfect under eye concealer for two reasons: 1. It doesn't crease, so those little lines that seem to just magically appear under your eyes? Yes, goodbye. 2. Its got a fuller coverage so it hides those dark circles like a dream. It may be a fuller coverage, but it still looks somewhat natural, so you're not running the risk of a "cakier" looking makeup look. Something that also is a definite plus for this concealer is the long wearing abilities that it has, I can cover up my blemishes and dark under eye circles in the morning, and it can and will last through to the evening without having to be touched up. This could be my holy grail concealer, I am that in love with the product.

The sole product I was after when I went into the store the second time around was none other than the Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced. I was waiting for this to come back into sex, because I was too impatient to buy online and then sit tensely while the mail was delivered every day. So when Mecca said it was back in stock, I was up and ready to go. I have heard so many good things about this mascara, and after my first few tries with this mascara I could so see why. I wasn't 100% sold on the wand of the brush, but after my first go with this I was in love, (I think I use the word love to describe my feelings for some products too often.) The brush creates beautiful, thick lashes, that look more on the dramatic side, which I also love. The best thing is that it does all this, minus he clumping that you find with some other mascaras. I have naturally long lashes and this works so well with them, holding a good curve and I haven't found that it smudges throughout the day (yay!!!). I would 100% recommend this mascara, so good!

My final product of this 3 product haul is actually another Nars product, this time however it is one of their Audacious Lipsticks in the colour Audrey. This is my first Audacious Lipsticks (the excitement!!) and I can safely say I will more then likely be going back for more. The colour of the lippy is so, so pretty, it is a muted, warm under-toned red with gorgeous satin finish, sounds beautiful already hey? This lippy applies so evenly, with a good few hours of wearing in it! This lipstick won't hydrate your lips if that is what you're looking for, but it won't dry them out either, so it's kind of a win. But in all seriousness here, I have very strong feelings for this lipstick and if I could get away with it, would wear it every single day.

This concludes my 3 product haul, from Mecca Maxima- and I am sure there will me quite a few more makeup hauls coming your way in the new year, (hello Boxing day sales!). Goodbye for now, my loves.

ps. Yay for Christmas picture backgrounds!!!