Real Talk: Get To Know Me.. again

I was reading an article not all that long ago, maybe last week and it was basically saying that to gain readers and keep them reading you're blog, readers have to get to know you. This got me thinking- you guys don't know all that much about me, so for the purpose of getting to know me a little bit better I've gone through some Tumblr questions I've been asked as well as some question sets and chosen quite a few for you guys to get to know me better! Yay!

  • when is the last time you were happy and aggravated at the same time? This pretty much describes me 90% of the time. 
  • would you ever smile at a stranger? If I happen to catch someones eye in the street or whatever I usually do smile at them.
  • how often do you listen to music? A lot less then I used too, just mainly at night before I go to bed or when I'm writing a post.
  • do you think you're life will dramatically change before 2015? There is only a few weeks left of 2014 so I'm going to say no, but then again a lot can happen in a few weeks so I could be wrong.
  • are you an antisocial or a social person? If you can't answer this for me by now you must be new, I am definitely anti-social.
  • do you care if people talk badly about you? I used to care a lot, now I just brush past it without a second thought.
  • when was the last time you cried? Not even going to lie, last night while watching a TV show.
  • have you ever wanted someone you couldn't have? My type seems to be a whole heap of people  that I can't have or have absolutely no chance with (this includes fictional characters fml)
  • do you think you'll be married in 5 years? I really do not think so, I'm not even sure if marriage will be happening in the next 15 years. 
  • has anyone ever told you they didn't want to loose you? Yes, I recall that two people have and neither of them are in my life anymore. 
  • do you replay things that have happened in your mind? Far too often, sometimes I'll replay it and imagine all the things I could have done different, and other possible outcomes.
  • plans for the future? Are all up in the air at the moment, so many decisions to make and so much room to stuff up.
  • is your life anything like it was two years ago? More or less, but I'm still working on that.
  • are you nice to everyone? I used to be a huge bitch, and that is something I'm trying to fix as well. 
  • are you good at hiding your feelings? I have perfected the fake smile and the pushing your feelings away thing, so yes. 
  • have your pants ever fallen down in public? Oh wow yes, I was tripped and when I fell my pants fell as well in front of my old English teacher, I'm laughing just thinking about that, it was funny but so, so awkward. 
  • are you a jealous person? I can be the most jealous person you will ever meet sometimes. 
  • are you over your past? I used to hold on to the past like it was a safety net, it took a while but I've let the majority of it go. 
  • what does the last text you received say? "did you hang up on me?" note: no I didn't, I accidentally walked into a signal dead-spot oops.
  • if you could go back to any moment in the past, when would it be? I'd go back to a point where it was possible to experience an INXS concert, because they look mental. 
  • what do you think about the most? I think about the future a lot, and sleep, I think about when I can go to sleep a lot. 
  • if you are outside what are you most likely doing? Going back inside.
  • what was the last lie you told? "Yes I did brush my hair this morning!"
  • do you believe in karma? 100% yes.
  • celebrity crush? At the moment (I can tell you that it will only be a few days before it changes again.) it is David Lyons from Revolution- thanks for being over twice my age, married and having no form of social media babe xxxx 
  • are you happy with the person you've become? Not really, but I'm changing that.
  • do you believe in ghosts and aliens? I like to think that when you die you're still able to look over the people you love most in ghost form- so ghosts yes. Aliens- i'm not completely sure, like how is that the only species are on Earth? I think there is definitely more out there aliens or not.
  • do you believe in luck? For sure. 
  • what was the last book you read? Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham ((definitely would recommend))
  • do you save money or spend it? As much as I try to save- I do try my hardest- I always end up spending my money, usually on something I don't need.
  • what was the last thing you purchased? Some DVD's from JB HI-FI
  • are you a cat or dog person? A cat person- unless the dog is really tiny and small, then I'm a dog person. 
  • how is your heart? Well it is still beating so it must be doing fine at the moment.
  • what is a saying you say a lot? For a female without a penis I say "suck my dick" way, way too much. 
  • you just got a free plane ticket anywhere, you have to depart now, where are you headed? I'd get on the plane and tell the captain to fly me to England, a white Christmas? Yes please. 
Is there something else you would like to know? Comment below or Tumblr ask me (which can be anon)