Top 5 of 2014: Album Releases

I keep writing posts and forgetting to publish them- ie. this post was written a week ago and I only realised I hadn't published it today, doing well Elyssa.

It's December, meaning we have only a few weeks left of 2014 before we're straight into 2015- the joy. Starting right now, with this post I'm going to be counting the top 5 of everything 2014- this however will not be taking over the whole blog, just a once or twice a week occurrence (you can all cheer now it's alright.) To kick start the top 5 of 2014 I shall be counting down my favourite album releases of this year.

Putting this list together was actually ridiculously hard, I've changed positions and added and taken albums off the list and somehow I did eventually come to a conclusive list of five albums that I found to be brilliant this year (you may not agree, I however do not care because this is my list so).

05. Cavalier Youth by You Me At Six
I wasn't 100% sure if this album would make it into my list and then at the last second decided that if I was able to listen to this album on a loop for a good few weeks- it must be worthy of a top five place. I feel like I did a review on this album, probably when it first came out in January, but never the less I shall continue. Cavalier Youth took the band in a step away from their origin- it was no Sinners Never Sleep or Hold Me Down, that is a given, it did however introduce the band with more of a rock sound, and fortunately for them it worked a charm. The first released singles from the album Fresh Start Fever and Lived A Lie were equally as impressive as each other if I'm being honest and made myself and YMAS fans alike very excited for the release of the album. I saw many mixed reviews on this album at and after the release date- but what it comes down to is that You Me At Six released a quality album that helped to distinguish them from the other bands that are also in the scene today, and that is something that many have failed with, especially in 2014.

04. Startup Cult by Allday
For a second I thought this wasn't released in 2014 (confused myself for a few minutes) but some quick research confirmed the place from Allday on my top 5 (party.) The thing I love about this album (apart from the fact that it is freaking brilliant) is that all together its individual- it's far different from what you listen to on the way to work, but at the same time its set apart from the hip hop/rap music genre. It's not rapping so fast that the people in the front row of a gig are going to be showered with saliva, it's understandable without having to listen to it numerous times, as well as Googling the lyrics just to make sure you're hearing right. I think what also cemented this album in my top five is the music videos that have come along with it's release, I mean really a wearing a womens hat in the Wolves music video was by far something entertaining. I feel that pretty soon it isn't going to be just Australia appreciating the music of Allday, he's about to go worldwide.

03. 1989 by Taylor Swift
I  reviewed this in my Mass Music Review post a few posts back, which you can find here. From the RED album I was sure that Taylor would keep with the whole country theme with here music and that in itself gave me the impression I probably wouldn't like it- there was no denying the quality of her previous albums, they were however, not for me. Along came 1989 and now here we are discussing the album in my 2014 top 5. This album was the transition from country to full blown pop and there is no denying how well that transition worked for T-Swift. The production, lyrics and musical component of these album- they all combine together and create an album that is pretty much going to be on a high rotation for the duration of my summer holidays. My jam at the moment is definitely Wonderland , I mean really can you go wrong with an Alice in Wonderland theme? (The answer is no in case you were wondering.)

02.  Let The Ocean Take Me by The Amity Affliction
Jumping from one end of the music scene to the other here. Putting this album in my top five was pretty much a no brainier- I mean really, can Amity do any wrong? They didn't take any new directions with their music, they stayed within their known limits as a band and I don't know about everyone else, but that was pretty much what I was looking for with the album, it was more of a carry on from the feeling of Chasing Ghosts and that didn't get any complaints from me. I think this album was definitely one of the most personal in the terms of the lyrics of each song, and for some fans its unbelievably relate-able and it is a wide known fact that relate-able sells. This album has made it to number two in my top five and that would also have to be because as a whole album, its just quality music from a quality band.

01. by Ed Sheeran
This was the album that I was so, so excited for, Ed Sheeran has outdone himself.. again. It wasn't exactly what I was thinking he would release, it was very different from + and yet it did work. It was a lot more pop style, to the acoustic sounds his previous album. In this album he also incorporated a lyrical rap style in a few songs, giving it that more of an edge on some of what else is being released. The album is full of songs that no matter how many times you replay, you can't get sick of, which probably explains why they are some of the most played on my iPod. The best to dance to- Sing which was produced with Pharell Williams, it is probably the most pop on the album, hence why you can pop it on, have a dance and you'll find it fun, every damn time. Personal favourite of the whole album however would have to be Take It Back which had that heavy rap influence that I mentioned before, an amazing beat and is by far something special, as is the whole album.

Top 5 released albums of 2014, do you have an album to add? I would recommend all these albums to you, but I have a feeling you all already have them.