Top 5 of 2014: TV Shows

Here we are with another top five of this year. I'm not much of a person for TV, more of a download the latest episode on iTunes and watch it numerous times until I fully understand it. If you're here looking for shows such as Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, you may as well stop reading because I think I watched half an episode of each before I gave up the series entirely. The below list aren't any series' that have started this year, instead a new season for the year.

Warning: this post is probably going to have spoilers.

5. Pretty Little Liars, season 5. 
Alright, I have a reason for putting this season so far back, that would be because of how much this TV show has been dragging out the whole finding out who A is. Season 5 hasn't finished yet, its on its mid-season break and won't return to our screens until 2015. The whole "Alison is very much alive and well and back in the lives of every character" isn't something I particularly go for, in actual fact I don't really like the character of Alison of at all. Best scene of this season so far I'm going to have to put to the scene off the Cavanaugh house being blown up- not that the house blew up obviously because that is horrible, but the fact that the how gang was there- Caleb and Hanna, Ezra and Aria, Toby and Spencer and Emily and Alison. It was like a reunion of my favourite characters (cough Toby and Caleb, cough.) The death of Mona in the summer finale was probably the biggest shocker of the season so far, I was convinced she was A until she was killed for finding out who was. Word is there is still another two seasons of PLL, but will the dragging out of finding out who A is keep audiences entertained for another two and a half seasons?

4. The Time Of Our Lives, season 2. 
Round of applause to my mother for getting me to watch this TV show, I would normally just go straight for the remote, and for once I am fairly glad I didn't. The time of our lives centres around the lives of multiple different families, who in turn are all linked somehow. It is probably one off the most realist TV shows I have ever watched, it's like watching your next door neighbors extremely complicated through a TV screen. Based in inner-city Melbourne and starring some pretty popular names such as Justine Clarke (think Play School) and Shane Jacobson, obviously this was going to be a pretty good show with some quality acting. From a middle age mother experimenting with her sexuality, divorce and custody issues and cancer scares basically issues that aren't seen as important in everyday lives because everyone deals with them. This show highlights them and portrays them excellently. I would honest recommend this show so much, its obviously quite different to the other shows on this top 5, but deserving of its place.

3. New Girl, season 3. 
I mean really, who doesn't love New Girl?! Everyone was super psyched when Jess and Nick FINALLY got together, (well I was, I don't know about you.)  Alright this is going to have a lot of spoilers because I love this show and I'm getting really excited writing this. Favourite parts of this series go: First off favourite thing ever is the fact that Coach comes back for quite a few episodes, not that I don't like Winston, but Coach brings out this whole new thing, especially in Nick. Second favourite part, Schmidt moving out to prove a point, but really only moves into the empty apartment across the whole and still spends the majority of his time in his old apartment with the guys. Third favourite, Jess' older, but less mature sister Abby making a three episode appearance and in that time moving in and starting a relationship with Schmidt- Abby is fun, likes trouble and is no where near as innocent of her younger sister. Alright enough of what I likes, instead lets talk about the worst part of season 3- the short lived relationship, concluded with a very awkward we-still-live-in-the-same-apartment breakup of Jess and Nick. The two were practically made for each other, but after "living together" (ie. sharing Nick's room for more than one night) they realised they both want different things and effectively ended the relationship, cue sad faces. Last thing I want to mention real quick because people who have not season three hate me right now, there is a very, very good looking Australian boy towards the end of this series, of course he becomes Cece's new younger, beau but I just wanted to alert this to all fans because he is very easy on the eyes. 

2. Girls, season 3. 
Girls, and Lena Dunham in general have been one of my favourite things for quite a while now, my love began with the first ever episode in season one and continues to grow with each episode. Girls is basically a realistic representation of how most teenage girls don't think their life is going to go. You have all these plans and then life throws a few dozen hurdles in your way in an attempt to slow you down, make you give up. The "girls" in Girls all deal with these hurdles, quite a few of them and the audience watches as they take their time getting over the hurdles. Hurdles like breakups, deaths, more breakups, some rehab stints, you name it, this series deals with it. My favourite thing about this show is how alike Hanna is to myself, she is pretty sure she knows what she wants, she has a fair idea of how to get it and in some way she will eventually go after what she wants. 

1. Offspring, season 5.
Australia watched the last episode of season five, with still no confirmation that this was indeed the last ever episode of the hit TV show. That confirmation didn't come through until some weeks later and the televised life of Nina Proudman and her extended family, effectively ended. I remember watching what at the time I was unaware of being the final episode- I thought to myself as the end credits rolled that I was semi-okay with this being the end, and eventually I had to be okay with it being the end. My favourite things about this season was the whole Leo and Nina relationship-but not really a relationship No one understands how happy I was in the last episode when they finally kind-of-got-together, because I was really, really happy. I think for such a loved, Australian show the ending of the whole series was something that basically gave all the viewers closure. The show ended with every character important to any story line under one roof, celebrating Zoe's first birthday THERE WAS EVEN A VISION OF PATRICK! It was pretty much happy endings all around for some of Australia's most loved television characters.

So here is my top 5 TV shows of the year, again this post sat in my drafts for far too long with me thinking I had already posted it. For now, adios amigos!