Track By Track Review: LIVESOS by 5 Seconds of Summer.

When 5SOS released their first album earlier this year I did a track by track review of my first impressions of the album, some of which weren't all that flattering. I was a little, shall we say harsh? Honest, but harsh. Today the band released their first live album featuring fifteen live recorded songs from a variety of different venues in multiple different cities, most being from the House of Blues in LA. In an attempt to make things a little more square I decided to keep with the tradition and do a track by track of LIVESOS, after saying in my previous review that I would have preferred the live recordings over the edited versions. Lets do this!

1. 18
This was one of my favourite songs that I have ever seen them perform live, this is usually their opener live and it really does a good job of getting everyone on their feet and singing along. During the extended beginning you can almost picture them running onto the stage as the background screams intensify. This song live doesn't sound a hell of a lot different from the studio version, which says a lot about the studio version. The addition of crowd participation with the screaming "hey" during the song, adds to the hype of the opening track. Overall 18, live especially is such a catch.

2. Out Of My Limit
I remember when this song was first ever released as their "first single", back in the day when One Direction had not yet backed them. Since that time they've played the song live every time I've seen them, which since I live in Perth and we lacked 5SOS for a few years, has only been three times. It was a good song from the beginning, but as they've grown they've changed the sound of the  song with them and that makes it a pretty special song. I like that in this live version they've hardly altered it, it sounds mildly like the original, which I love, it's like the little band from Sydney are still in there, they're just singing to a hell of a lot more people.

3. Disconnected
Disconnected is another one of my absolute favourites and this live recording is the exact reason why. Lukes vocals backed up by the guitar and bass create something almost magical. (woah sounding a bit fan girl there Elyssa.) Calum has an almost rougher voice than Luke and putting them in contrast to each other in this song was a real advantage that went with the musical aspect of the song perfectly. I mean really I love this song and have not a thing bad to say about it.

4. Amnesia
I've never been sure if I really liked this song or not, it's such a hard thing for me to decide on. Calum dominates the beginning of this song and then Luke does a brilliant job of backing him up. This is probably one of the slowest songs that the band has to their name but it works so well. One of the best things about this song is the beat of the song, mainly provided by Ashton on the drums, as a slow song the drums keep everyone entertained and not falling asleep. (Not that you could fall asleep with that many screaming girls around you.)

5. Beside You
I remember when they first released this song, and I'm going to completely honest it sounded nothing like what it does now. They've completely changed the sound of the song, and in this instance I am completely not open to change. Musically there is nothing wrong with the song, I just can't get a grasp on why they would change a song that was already so strong in the beginning. The lyrics of the cutest they've ever written, but I think if they had have kept close to the original sound of the song it would have showcased the former identity of that Sydney band posting covers on Youtube and playing to no more than one hundred people.

6. Everything I Didn't Say
This is a song I've never really gotten in to and listening to it back now, there is no real reason beside my laziness as to why I haven't. It is a slower, less in you're face song than what you get used to with 5SOS. I think my favourite thing about this song is the fact that they all sing it together, the chorus especially, its a complete group effort. The harmonies in this song are so brilliant, I think I under appreciated this song for a long time.

7. Long Way Home
Long Way Home has always been a favourite of mine, maybe it has something to do with co-writer Alex Gaskarth (!!!!), and even though Luke makes a terrible joke in the intro it does not disappoint. This acoustic beginning, followed by some crowd song and then jumping into the sound of the song that so many people love, mixes it up a little, gives some variety if you will. Let's just talk about Lukes voice in this song, like obviously his voice is always good or he probably wouldn't be lead vocalist, but it really shines through in this song, his voice really is beautiful.

8. Heartache On The Big Screen
The guitar and drum combination in this song is one my favourites from every 5SOS song that has ever been created. The vocals in this song, mainly Michaels, who has a rough sound to them adds something different to such a lovey-dovey song. Is it just me or does Calum mumble a bit, like he doesn't know what he's singing? Honestly I couldn't make out what he was singing because he was just mumbling his lines. This is such a catchy song, oh my goodness, THISSSS IS HEARTACHE ON THE BIG SCREEEEEN.

9. American Idiot
Covering Green Day is more often then not a miss rather than a hit, however 5SOS seemed to do alright with their cover of this hit song. Michael's voice fits this song so damn well, its practically a match made in heaven, he owns it so well. I think his voice is something you don't hear a lot playing a major role, its usually Calum and Luke in the lead, but sitting back and letting Michael take this one gave the band a complete edge from their normal pop based music.

10. Kiss Me Kiss Me
I've never really gotten into this song, however listening to it now, the beginning I was like "why don't I like this song?" and then along come the chorus and it was like a wave of realisation. The chorus is a little too, how do I put this? It's too pop for me. For a band that consistently claims to be punk rock, this song is an accurate representation of why they are not. I do however think that the performance of this song is something that works for them and obviously the screaming girls approve.

11. Teenage Dream
They have been playing this cover for so damn long, and time I hear a different recorded version they seem to have improved it in some way. They've made this into an almost pop-punk cover and it works so, so well. Luke and Calums vocals in this song make it seem like this song was made for them, they own it so well. I'm going to put it out there, its getting up there with almost as good as Katy Perrys own. I would also like to point out this song was originally sung by a female, and it was very appropriate of 5SOS to not change the lyric "in my skin tight jeans."

12. Good Girls
We've all heard this live, whether it be in person squashed up against a barrier or a hell of a lot of people or from the Good Girls EP that was released a short time ago. I said in the previous review of the 5 Seconds Of Summer album that I preferred the live recording of this song, and THIS is why. Michael's voice is definitely the stand out in this song, but then again so is Calums at one point. Live this song so much edgier than the studio recording, and I feel like that was how the song was supposed to be sung, it was supposed to have, dare I say a punk edge to it. This is definitely a favourite from the album.

                                                                  13. What I Like About You 
Everyone loves this song, The Romantics made it brilliant, 5SOS brought it back. They added their own spin that kept relatively close to the sound of the original, and the song fits their voices so well. This is usually their first song back for an encore and it does the job of raising the energy in the room after its calmed down a bit. Ashton is often a little, shall we say under appreciated, but I feel like this song really showcases his drumming talents, as well as his vocal talents throughout the song. Overall, 5SOS covering this song, was a good idea from the beginning.

14. End Up Here
Who doesn't love this song? But it sounds like someone (I can't even tell who is singing to be honest) at the beginning has just gone through a second puberty and their voice has deepened a hell off a lot. Michael is the one that yet again adds a punker edge to this song, in one place I'm pretty sure he's almost about to start screaming the lyrics at the crowd. I like that in some places Michael is the dominant vocals, backed up by the other two and then it just swaps and creates different vibes throughout the one song. 

15. She Looks So Perfect Everyone knows this song, love it or hate it you can't lie and tell me you don't know the words. This song was their first hit and they've experimented all over the world with how they want to play it live, and as the end result on the album, I'm going to have to say: they've done a brilliant job. The song is it usual catchy self, but they've added little things here and there to create something that is perfect to end the album off with. 

16. What I Like About You (studio mix)

I'm not even going to bother, the live version and the studio mix are hardly any different.

Overall, I think the 5SOS boys have really done a great job with this album and all their live shows in general. I however do think that a second part to this album should be release to include Unpredicatable (or at the least play it at the Perth show next year, for old times sake). I was pretty suprised that they chose not to include Lost Boy in this album to be honest, but hey whatcha gonna do?