Hair Care on a Budget!

If you are anything like me you will pretty much always have the interest of the state of your hair at heart. I am obviously not a hair professional, I say obviously because I think I've spent the last three years dying and re-dying my hair- seriously I've had red hair, blonde hair, black hair, green hair, blue hair, pink, the list honestly does go on. At the present moment I have brown-blonde ombre hair and I think it probably is the longest I've had one hairstyle, it looks good from a far, but don't look to closely because lets be real it is very, very damaged. I've tried many treatments- some made it worse, some made it a little bit better, some did absolutely nothing. So today I looked through the many treatments and conditioners that are in my bathroom and found my favourite low-cost hair care that almost anyone can use, here they are!

First up is one for the ladies/men with the blonde hair! I have blonde on the ends of my hair and this stuff works wonders on toning it and keeping it from turning into a brassy mess. This is the violet toning shampoo and conditioner and as an un-natural blonde I 100% swear by this stuff. In terms of conditioning and treating it doesn't do all that much but it does such a great job on keeping my hair the colour that I want it to be that it almost doesn't matter. If used too much however, I have found that it starts to dry my hair out ever so slightly, and over-toning with this stuff does lead to silver based hues in your hair, so if that's not something you're after I probably wouldn't recommend frequent usage of this product. I use these two together- so the shampoo and the conditioner around about every three washes just to keep the colour in check in between visits to the hairdressers. 
Shop the product: I brought this from Priceline, but you can also get it from your local hairdresser (well mine anyway)

Let me introduce you too an old best friend of mine- this stuff! This is the nutri-repair 3 with olive oil, avocado oil and shea oil. This stuff if good for hair that isn't hugely damaged, maybe some heat damage, but nothing to extravagant, just the small stuff. Before I went to this hair style my hair wasn't as damaged as it should have been, and using this stuff every wash helped it get back to its prime (right before I went and killed it again, good job Elyssa). This is a rinse out treatment that says there is no leave in time for the treatment, I however and not one to follow instructions given to me on the back of bottles and left it in for a round about five to seven minutes while I was in the shower. I just didn't feel that no leave in time was going to do anything and would be a mere waste of a product and money, and I found that leaving it nourished my hair a little bit more and left it dazzling. (Yes I just used the word dazzling.) 
Shop the product: I think I found this one in Priceline also, but I have a feeling most Woolworths and Coles will also stock this.

This beautiful little treatment is entitled the treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length and if that title doesn't give away I don't know what does. My hair doesn't usually grow past like just below shoulder length and I have found that this treatment has helped it grow quite a bit longer, I think. Another bonus: it smells amazing! Leave in is around five minutes and I usually do abide by this one, just because this last and by this time I'm bored of the shower and the only thing I want to do is get out and get dressed. I would recommend this 100%!
Shop the product: I'm going to say I also bought this at Priceline if my memory is correct.

I'm currently using this stuff and lets be real here its love. This stuff, has been my life saver, without which my hair would be a lot more damaged beyond repair than it already is. I use this stuff once a week, mainly on the ends of my hair, leaving it on for around half an hour and when I wash it out it becomes a little bit healthier every time. This treatment contains pro-keratin and ceramide which when put together give you a very intensive treatment with some brilliant results.
Shop the product: I think I saw this in Coles or Woolworths and that was where I picked it up. 

This stuff was my life saver when I first got the ombre in my hair, this helped with the highlights and keeping it from going orange. This stuff always made my hair noticeably brighter and for lack of a better word- blonder. Redken is such a good quality brand, especially for the low cost price that they hold! I would recommend this anyone who has bleached their hair to a lighter blonde colour and would like to keep it getting lighter in between bleaches/dyes, it will work, trust me!
Shop the product: purchased, if I remember was from The Shampoo Shop. 
So there we have it, is there something you think should be on this list but isn't? Let me know!