Real Talk: Hopes and Goals For 2015.

2014 is officially over and 2015 is literally at our door and expecting to let in. In saying that I hope you all had a Merry Christmas with your families and friends, as well as a happy New Year! Yay first post of the year! Obviously I haven't posted in a while because my schedule was rather interrupted by the festivities and such, so I decided that this post would just enlighten you all with what I want to get out of the the next three hundred and sixty something days that are left of 2015.

Starting with blog hopes and goals, my main goal is to be able to keep it going as strong as it has been for the last month or so. I'm entering into year 12 (eeek) and I know that that things are going to get rather hectic, not just with school work, but with so much stuff going on and so many places to be, I'm hoping that I don't start loosing the motivation to keep The Introvert Archive going (fingers crossed.) With that said I do hope to be producing some awesome content this year, some more interviews, reviews, hauls, the lot should be coming your way very soon.

Next up lets talk about my travel hopes and goals. So far I have been able to confirm that I will be travelling to Sydney in late February for the long weekend to attend Soundwave. I have a weekend pass, but I think its fair to say I think I'm only going to make it on the Sunday for bands such as All Time Low, Fall Out Boy ect ect (you all know what bands I like, I don't need to repeat myself.) In August I am hoping to make it Canberra for a short visit for a university open day, that trip is something that I feel I need to attend especially because it is a university that I am hoping will be in my future. With enough convincing I am hoping that both my parent will make the trip with me, mainly for their opinions on what the hell I should be doing. Finally in December I will be travelling again for a concert, this time however it will be to Melbourne, for the one and only Taylor Swift, who I am currently obsessed with! (Thanks for not coming to Perth, girl.)

With the amount of travelling I'm going to be doing, or hoping to be doing it is understandable that I am going to have to be having some financial hopes and goals. I am absolutely horrible with saving money, cannot do it to save my life. This little inability is really going to make it hard considering I want to move to the other side of Australia next year, plus travel this year, plus I have quite a few concerts, and then you have to add in the basic necessities of food/clothes/makeup. My main savings are going towards funding my move next year, but we all know that the sum in my bank account is going to fluctuate as all the exciting this I have coming up happen. I think my main financial hope is that I don't get to the end of the year completely broke with no savings to fund my future.

Alright, lets get into my personal hopes and goals for 2015. I've been staring at this page for a few minutes wondering to myself 'what even do I write here.' I am not one for the whole new years resolution stuff, so this had me completely stumped, I'm usually more of a rolling with the flow kind of girl. My first goal is obviously to do well in school this year, I struggled with some subjects last year and now is basically when I have to knuckle down and get it done (i'm not keen on repeating year 12.), so my goal here is to be able to have more self control and disciple and just get it done, study hard and graduate. In terms of the whole mental health situation my goal is to continue on with my being better deal and gradually feel better and being recognised as being better. I just realised as I was writing this that I'm 18 this year, goodbye juvie life. Haha, but no really I hope to get my first tattoo this year, I used to be so sure that I wanted to be literally covered in them, and when I started changing so did my ideals on how I wanted to look. I still want tattoos- so much, but not as many as I first did (much to my parents relief.) I think my main goal for me this year is to have more fun than I have had in previous years, and to be happy, not the whole fake happiness thing I am so good at, the real, genuine happiness that everyone wants.

I hope 2015 is everything you guys want and more, I hope you reach your goals and are just as happy as I hope to be.