We Turned 1!

I missed it by a few days (oops) but on Tuesday the 13th The Introvert Archive hit the big one year old! I might be the only one, but I am super excited about this, I didn't think I would be able to commit to something for this long, but here we are a year later and still going relatively strong, yay!

First off there has to be a big thank you to every single person that has read at least one post or more during the last twelve months and the people who have let me ask them questions in order for me to keep this going. This won't be a super long post, because really, who wants to read that? Not me. Thank you for sitting in you're bed/ on public transport/ at work/ in school and scrolling through my blog and reading the silly things I feel the need to rant/tell you about! (Side note: there is a guy rapping on the TV wearing a Pharrell hat and gold leggings that caught my attention for far too long..)  But seriously I am so happy that we made it to one year, and here is hoping there will still be a few more left in us. You guys are all wonderful and I thank you all for reading this shitty little blog!!

Lots of love, Elyssa