How To Be Single On Valentines Day

Personally, I don't think I've ever had a Valentines Day where I have actually been in a relationship (who needs one anyway?), and usually just use the day to watch the un-organised people among us (usually the guys) come through the checkout in a mad dash with some chocolates and one of the only remaining Valentines Day cards that is on the shelves. I do however, also laugh at the 12-15 year old girls that have somehow snuck their way onto my social media platforms and use Valentines Day as an opportunity to show their desperation for a boyfriend (sorry 'bout it.)

So for those of you that are single on Valentines Day, and actually do care about being single on this day compared to every other day of the year, I have compiled a few, shall we call them hints and tips on how you can spend Valentines Day alone and enjoying it (at least moderate fun.)

First off here is an obvious one- Valentines Day falls on a Saturday this year ie. go out with your girlfriend/guy friends! A lot of pubs and clubs are holding Valentines Day events- as you would, but there is also events out there dedicated to entertaining the singles of the world (and getting them drunk on expensive alcohol). My advice here- grab a bunch of your also single pals and make it a night of fun, and making fun of couples (it's what I'd do.)

If you're not up for a night on the town or you're underage and legally not actually allowed to do my last tip, have a solo movie night! Instead of opting for the romantic comedies such as Pretty Women and Bride Wars or the tear producing movies like Titanic The Vow (or maybe I cried because of Channing Tatum and Leonardo DiCaprio and how beautiful they are, I cannot be 100% sure.) Why not go for some classics!? Just in case you needed some inspiration for "classic" movies, I took the liberty of compiling a list of my favourite go-to classic movies, (warning this could get long!)

  1. A Walk To Remember- Okay so this is kind of sad, but it is unbelievably good! Mandy Moore and Shane West as main character, I mean could you really want much more then that? (Hint: not really.)
  2. Dirty Dancing- If you haven't seen this movie in you're life, what is wrong with you? Guaranteed to provide you with entertainment and a good look at early days Patrick Swayze! And remember- no one puts baby in the corner. (I would have been so disappointed if I hadn't added that in honestly.)
  3. 10 Things I Hate About You- How could I go past putting this movie on my classic list! This is probably my all time favourite movie, and ALL TIME is a big statement. And lets not forget a big part of this movie- Heath Ledger, the beautiful Heath Ledger, seriously a must watch for any single Valentines Day.
  4. Grease- Why this car is systematic, hydromatic, automatic, why it could be greased lightening. If you did not sing that in your head while you were reading that I am judging you hard. Do I really need to give a reason as to why you need to include Grease in your movie night? No I don't.
  5. She's The Man- okay not technically a classic, but still worth the watch!! Pre-breakdown Amanda Bynes nails her acting in this hilarious movie that is a sure fire way to put a smile on any saddened singles face.
Next up, treat it like a normal day. When I say a normal day, I mean don't let Valentines Day be your "cheat day". Don't go and delve yourself in a box (or three) of chocolates, because you know for sure that you will regret it the morning after. When it comes to the gym or working out- if anything go harder than on you're normal day! Pump out that anger/frustration/lack of relationship blues with some extra legs and core, you definitely will not regret that the next day!  

This should 100% go without saying but lets be real it probably does need to be said- don't torture yourself by forcing happy couples on yourself. I'm looking at you people that will go in a cafe right by the window and watch a. the couples walking past, and b. the couples trying to eat their meals without the heavy gazes of jealous singles. It is creepy and completely unnecessary, sorry it had to be said.

Lastly, take comfort in the knowledge of how much money you are saving. Not having to spend money on an expensive dinner for you and your loved one? Saving. Not having to spend an expensive gift for your guy/girl? Saving. Not having to buy flowers/chocolates? Saving. Take some consolation in this simple fact.

Enjoy Valentines Day my pretties- whether you are loved up and completely disregarding this post, or you're single and kind of thinking about taking my advice, enjoy this completely unnecessary day.