Real Talk: How To Not Be A Shitty Friend

This post is inspired by all the shit friends I seem to have gathered over the years, shout out to you all, at least you were good for something in my life- a blog post!!

Below you can find my top five tips on how you can avoid the title of "Worlds Shittiest Friend", if you have more to add, comment them below, enjoy! 

Tip 1: If someone tells you something in confidence, keep it that way.

This should go without saying, but you know there is always that one person that you feel like you can trust and then bam! you whack out a deep and dark secret and within a day your secret is now public knowledge. If this is you and you are completely incapable of keeping your mouth closed please give some pre-warning so we know to steer clear. 

Tip 2: Don't let your pal drink alone.

A break up? You go over and drink away those bad vibes with some vodka and tequila with her/him (if you're a guy maybe a beer? I don't know what guys even drink haha). There's few things worse than waking up in the morning with a killer hangover and having to work all day, one of them is waking up, realising you drank by yourself, you still aren't back together AND you have to work.  

Tip 3: Don't cancel plans two seconds before you're supposed to walk out of the house.

You and I both know that by that time you're friend is probably looking glamorous and about to walk out of the house herself/ himself, or already on her/his way and driving (responsibly and not checking her/his phone!) You have two options here: cancel way in advance (if you have a totally legit reason) or show up and have fun!

Tip 4: Their problems are just as real as yours.

In other words do not be self obsessed and talk about "me! me! me!" every-time you catch up. How hard is it to ask how their life is going? Not very lets all be real here. 

Tip 5: There is such thing as still having friends and having a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I feel like this could probably have NEWSFLASH written next to it because so many damn people seem to forget all about their friends when they get into a relationship. There is no rule that says you cannot socialise with any one except for your significant other.

And well-ah! This concludes this post, until next time x