Do I Get Angry Easily? | Q&A #2

I always get so surprised when people actually contribute and ask me questions for this post- like you actually want to know about me like are you okay?? But seriously this is only my second question and answer post and I got quite few questions but obviously we don't want this to be so long that you can't be bothered reading so I picked a few and decided to answer them. (Most of these were asked on anon so I'm not going to bother with the whole "___ asked" sorry about it.

|Do you get angry about small things or does it take a lot to get you angry?|
Depending on who it is that is making me angry I can either have a super high tolerance with them or one small tiny thing that they do can set me off. Like with some people I feel like I'm just looking for something to be angry about with them because I'm getting to attached to them- that happens quite commonly when I'm friends with someone.

|Would you rather have a pet tarantula or a pet monkey?|
Ew spiders no, I cannot deal with spiders, or birds I can't deal with birds either- just thought I would throw that in, you know in case anybody actually cares. I'd have to go with a monkey but not once of those ignorant ones that I see on TV, this monkey would 100% have to be  mini version of myself for me to be happy. 

|Do you fake tan because in your selfies you always look so tanned!|
Yes I do! Without fake tan I am unbelievably pale so its either a really good insta filer or some fake tan. I'm thinking of doing a fake tan for pale gals post in the near future, would my fellow snowflake pale girls be down for reading that?

|Who are you excited about seeing at Groovin' The Moo 2015?|
Oooh GTM is so close yet so far away isn't it! This year I am pretty keen to see You Me At Six (obviously, why wouldn't I be?), Northlane- I am super excited to see them with their new lineup, I have a huge girl crush on CharliXCX so I will 100% see her, while I'm there. 

|What is your opinion on sex?|
I wasn't sure if I should include this question or not, but hey you ask and I'll more than likely answer. Sex is such a personal thing and I feel like if you want to do it and the other person wants to as well then go ahead. I don't think you should ever, ever be pressured into having sex either by another person or by society- its a choice that one has to make for themselves without every other man and his dog having a say.

|Why don't you post as frequently :(|
I am trying so hard to get posts up but the thing is at the moment i'm either choosing between quality or quantity and I would much rather go quality every time. If I haven't posted for over a week by all means hit me up on tumblr or twitter and be like "girl, get your arse into gear and post." 

|What plans do you have for after year 12?|
I am hoping to do a gap year with the Navy, if that doesn't work out I do have other options but obviously nothing is set in stone yet- still have a few months left of year 12. 

|You always have such pretty clothes, where do you shop?|
Eee thank you! Honestly I shop at so many places its ridiculous, so much money is spent on clothes its getting ridiculous. At the moment though I am loving some online stores such as Beginning Boutique ( aswell as ASOS ( obviously leave the .au off ASOS if you are not in Australia. 

|Who was your favourite band that you saw at Soundwave?| 
Without a doubt it was All Time Low and Fall Out Boy. It was my first time seeing both of them live and even thought ATL was cut short because of the weather and the FOB pit was gross I was still so happy that I got to see the bands live because I have strong feelings towards them both. 

|Who was the last person you texted?|
And I think this where we end this post :)