Soundwave Festival 2015


Hands up here who went to Soundwave 2015?! Hands up who had a hell of a time?! That's right yes you did, because it didn't matter if you went Day 1 or 2, or you stuck it out for the whole weekend it was a whole heap of good fun and good bands. As a Perth resident who no longer has the option of going to the festival in their home state, I decided to travel interstate to Sydney to attend the festival, and right now I'm going to tell you about what bands I saw and what I thought of them.

So, I made the decision to not attend on Day 1, even though I very much wanted to see Crown The Empire and Gerard Way, I chose to instead spend the day exploring the city. In other words I would have loved to see some bands on the Day 1 lineup, but instead I decided to only go on Day 2 and see the rad bands that I saw when I wasn't completely lost.


This was the local opener for the main stage, and HOLY SHIT did they do a brilliant job! I always love the local bands that Soundwave adds to the lineup because you know that they obviously have some talent to be selected for one of the biggest national festivals Australia has to offer. These guys are punk rock and were definitely deserving of their spot on the line up.10/10 would recommend checking these guys out because it will not be long before they become public knowledge.


I'm going to be 100% honest here, the only reason I watched these guys was because I had absolutely no freaking clue on how I was supposed to get from main stage to any other stage so I made the decision to not risk it and just stay where I was. I had no idea who this band was or what they played, but judging by their names I was thinking along the lines of some Metallica-esque band who were probably going to scare me. AND THEN instead of long lines of electric guitars, they were placing cellos on stage and for the next few minutes while they continued setting up I was completely and utterly confused. So then these four guys walk onto stage and my confusion just grows to level that I was not sure even existed to be quite honest. Holy shit were they a whole new class of metal. I am not a metal person, like I just cannot get into it all but these guys completely intrigued me. It was something SO different and not what I'm used to. I probably cannot name to you one of the songs they played, but I can tell you it was entertaining.


Who can seriously walk away from a talented group of good looking Scottish guys? Am I right ladies? I didn't know this band before Soundwave, like obviously their name had popped up in places so that was nothing new, but I had never taken the time to appreciate their music, UNTIL NOW THAT IS. Like how did I not know about this band sooner? So YES I do now have a new found appreciation for Twin Atlantic.


OH MY GOD, this was the second time I've seen Tonight Alive live and seriously they are just so a good live band. Jenna McDougall and her a. freaking amazing vocals and stage show and b. powerful message t-shirts continue to out do themselves. And lets not forget the rest of the band who continue amaze me with every live show/ new release of music.  Alright lets talk about the cover of Rage Against the Machines Killing In The Name of and how much it kicked arse? Because it was so, so freaking good that if you didn't witness it in the flesh you need to get yourself to the nearest computer and you tube that right now. A little appearance from The Used frontman Bert McCracken just tied the whole performance together like nothing else. In all seriousness Tonight Alive are such a brilliant band and with them about to start recording a new album the only place from here for them is up. 


Anyone who has read this blog for a while or knows me personally knows that All Time Low are without a doubt my favourite band to exist and every time they've been in the country they other haven't come to Perth, I've been underage or I've had some reason why I couldn't physically attend one of their gigs. So how excited do you think I was that I was finally seeing All Time Low live? The answer to that is: very. How crushed do you think I was when a suddenly torrential rain was pouring down and they were pulled off stage? The answer to that is: a hell of a lot. I'm not kidding you when I say it was raining cats and dogs- usually me and my fake tan would have been out of there as soon as the first few droplets of rain began to fall, but this was THE All Time Low and I wasn't moving from my relatively close position to the stage for anyone while they were still playing. So this rain happened only five songs into their twelve song set- right after Damned If I Do Ya, meaning I still didn't get to see Time-Bomb live (cue tears). So basically the rain screwed their amps and
equipment to the point that they couldn't be re-scheduled or come back on stage. So what did they do? Alex came out and with the crowd sang Weightless acapella with the crowd in a word it was brilliant. Still my favourite band ever.

Side note: why are all members of bands so beautiful, like is that an unspoken rule that once you join a band you are automatically beautiful, should I join a band now? (even though I have no musical talent what so ever?) 


I'm not even going to lie, I walked into this knowing one song on the whole set list- when I say "walked into" I mean I actually only walked to a seat in the grandstand because I was soaking wet from the rain and not keen on how big their pit was. So there I was, knowing my full one song and sitting next to an older lady who very much fancied the lead singer and giggled like a school girl every time he said something. I'll say this though- as a live band they were freaking insane and the audience loved it so much, so it made for an entertaining set. 


After FINALLY working out which stage was stage three I was just in time to watch this band the inner fourteen year old emo inside of me was screaming in excitement while present me was wondering if I should be a little bit further back from the pit than I already was. Their setlist was ten songs long and I spent most of these songs trying to figure out what past emo me was thinking. That said though their live performance was actually an A+. 


These guys were a definite highlight of the whole day! Appreciation for the whole band because oh my god they were so good. This was the seconds time seeing them live after seeing them with Bring Me The Horizon in 2013. They played both old songs from The Flood as well as songs from their newest album Restoring Force. The only thing better then watching the band (my eyes kept finding their way back to Alan, funny that) was watching the hectic pit they created. I stood on the outside and watched I think a wall of death and few circle pits and was in shock at how freaking crazy they were, actually shocked isn't the word, of course they were crazy. Also props to the guy who fell over and legitimately punched himself in the eye while moshing- it took some talent. 


First off: this was the most disgusting crowd of people I have ever been. Like I get that you've had some drinks and you want to get close too Patrick (who wouldn't?) but holy shit people were acting like they were completely stupid. Anyway rant over, whatever. HOW GOOD ARE FALL OUT BOY LIVE!!!! And that setlist was almost completely perfect, like I can die happy now (not really I still need to see a full all time low set) but oh my god they made me so happy. Thank goodness it wasn't all songs from the new album, but there was pre-hiatus songs in there and I think that was what made it so good, don't get me wrong I like the new album but pre-haitus FOB will forever be my favourite. 

So here was the bands I saw at Sydney Soundwave? Were you there? Go in a different city? tell me who you saw and what you thought of them!