The Pale Girls Guide To Fake Tan

"Hi my names Elyssa and I'm so white I'm almost transparent"
"Hi Elyssa."
*Everyone in circle nods head understandingly, they too are also very pale.*

I make no secret that I need the help of some fake tan to add a little colour to my skin, no point in lying about it when you're clearly not naturally THAT tanned. So today I thought I would write a post about how I fake tan, the whole fake tanning process, my tips and tricks for fake tanning and tell you about my two favourite fake tanning products!

I have a few years of fake tanning experimentation up my sleeve- I've used countless products, spent a fair bit of money, had to go out in public looking either like an oompa loompa or with patches of fake tan all over me, you name it, it's probably happened to me.
Disclaimer: these tips and tricks have worked for me personally and I in no way am saying that they are going to work for everyone. 

1. I have found that because my skin is naturally so fair I prefer the look of using cream tanning products (I'll talk about my favourites below.) than using a spray or a foaming tan. Using a gradual tan allows me to build up my tan and get it to the colour that I am comfortable with rather than going from white to brown in a few hours.

2. Pre-fake tanning I will always shower and scrub at my skin with an exfoliating product. Not to the point that my body is red raw, but just to ensure that most of my dead skin cells are off my body and my skin is smooth ready to be layered with fake tan.

3. MOISTURISE!! This is so important, mainly for spray tan or foam tan because most cream tanning products are already moisturising. If you have dry skin anywhere that you fake tan it will come off patchy and do you want a patchy fake tan? I didn't think so.

4. Something that is important for any type of tanning is to make sure that your elbows, knees and ankles are very well moisturised and that you use the tanning product on them sparingly as too much can cause them to be a very dark shade of brown, while the rest of your body is golden bronze.

5. I don't fake tan my face! Yes I know it looks funny to have a white face and a tanned body but that is easily fixed with some colour matching of foundation. I find that when I have fake tanned my face in the past its become really oily, especially under makeup and eventually I end up with a huge breakout festival happening on my face, eeek,

6. I find that because I'm using a cream based product there is no need for me to use a tanning mitt. So I just use my hands, and by the time I have tanned my whole boy enough product has been absorbed on the skin of my hands to make then tanned that I can just wash my hands (don't forget inbetween your fingers!) and my hands will usually end up the same colour as my arms.

7. It's so important that you wait until your tan is dry before you get dressed because two things will happen: stained clothes and patchy tan. So walk around your house/bedroom in the nude for a while to make sure your tan is dry before you cover up.

8. Save your sheets some hassle and cover yourself from head to toe before getting into bed!

9. I try to leave at least 12 hours between fake tanning and having a shower, just so that you can get the most out of your tan!

My favourite fake tanning products 

As I said above, I've tried many fake tans and have come to the conclusion that I like the look of my tan when I have used cream based products. The first product LeTan Gradual Tan is what I used to use, and still love! On me "gradual tan" actually means one application makes me look 5 times darker, which is really all I need. The only thing about this is that it is a lot more orange based than the next product I'm going to talk about so if you use to often you'll start to look more orange than tanned, but maybe some people like that look?

The second product is what I have been using since the start of summer and it is the Jergens Natural Glow. I love this because it is a fake tanner combined with another of my favourite Jergens products, the firming daily moisturiser. So you're firming up your skin and making it more tanned in one product! This product also comes in two shades, fair to medium skin tones, and medium to dark skin tones (can you guess which one I use?) This one also smells so good with a very natural looking result which is obviously what I am after.

I have purchased both of these products from Priceline, the Le Tan Gradual Tan  will cost yoou $8.99 while the Jergens Natural Glow is a little bit more expensive at $14.99.