Real Talk: Having An Opinion

If you have read my blog before you would be aware that I am slightly (cough, cough) opinionated, and obviously like to share those opinions with the world wide web, hence why I have a blog (duh). I think having an opinion is good, everyone has them, and my thoughts are that everyone should be allowed to share those personal opinions with anyone that will listen. But then, along comes the people that don't just share their opinions, they like to try and shove their opinions, which are TOTALLY the most important and accurate ones, down everyone else who might think even slightly differently's throats. I have one thing to say to you if you are one of said people: screw you.  

Stop attacking people for having a different thought process to you! 

Screw you because peoples opinions are shaped by their culture, their beliefs, their attitudes, their life it all to shapes that opinion, and no one has the right to tell them they are wrong. If you've sailed through life, blissfully unaffected by the curve balls that bitch named life likes to throw at people, congratulations, brilliant, I'm happy for you. But obviously you aren't going to have the same opinion as someone who has had to overcome more than their fair share of curve balls are you? Truth is there isn't such thing as a 'wrong' opinion, sure you get people putting in their own ideas when they don't fully understand or appreciate a situation, but don't think that abusing them will educate them, because it won't. 

Screw you because if you are one of those people who like to troll social media and attack anyone who thinks differently to you, you really need to find a hobby. People have started to refrain from posting their opinions on their own social media accounts because half the time it ends up being deleted because some person with nothing better to do has decided to abuse them from behind a phone or computer screen. If you're reading this and know fully well I'm describing you, then please, I beg of you: stop. It's not brave, nor is it legendary (I've actually seen someone call this shit legendary, what is up with that?) 

Screw you because installing fear in someone that has a different opinion to you, or your beliefs OR WHATEVER is not, and never will be okay. I don't give a shit what society says, or you're mates think, everyone has their own opinion and you weren't created to make sure your opinion was the only one people are allowed to think. 

Screw you because despite what you may think you're opinion isn't the most valuable in the world, period.